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Oh, I'm reading fiction again. And it's great!

I got my eBook copy of Iris After the Incident on Christmas, when the author, Ms. Mina V. Esguerra decided to give away digital copies of her books if you send her pictures of your MIFF movie tickets (the more movies you watch, the more titles you get). It's just a shame I had to read it six months after, but hey, it's not really too late, is it?

So now, that I have read it, I'm gonna share with you the 5 things I love about it. And maybe you'd find the reasons why your bookshelf shouldn't miss it.

1. The story is very timely and relatable. These days, many of us can easily become a "sensation" in just one click. A stranger can easily take your photo while you're sleeping inside a bus, or the MRT, with mouth wide open, and the next thing you know, the whole world's making fun of you. What happened to Iris isn't just as simple as this, but you get the picture. Once your supposedly private thing went out in the internet, and you get all sorts of bullying and harassment both from strangers and from people you know, what would you do? Iris has the answers.

2. The "support system" that Iris eventually got was awesome. Okay, this support group wasn't exactly promoted in this book. Though, I appreciated the fact that Iris eventually got some women to talk to, people who could potentially understand what happened to her, and would listen to her story without being judged. I've been to support groups (I started one for MG patients) and it's great when you talk about things that everyone relates to.

3. Even a scandalous couple can make a relationship work, you know. Two years after The Incident, Iris meets a guy and finally, she feels normal again. It's just that, Gio obviously has something to hide, too, just like her. Most people would say the most logical thing to do would be to just stay out of trouble, and so, she has to stay away from the guy. But they both decided otherwise.

4. The main characters' jobs are super interesting. Iris helps young women get funds to be able to study science and math, which I think is great and noble. Gio, on the other hand is a chemical engineer and he showed his expertise analyzing lipsticks. Go figure out how he did it, or better yet, read the book. Iris After the Incident is just one of the few new adult romance books I've read that gives importance to what the characters do for a living, tbh.

5. The smut level is just BOMB. I don't know how Ms. Mina does it, but when she writes the bed scenes they're so smooth you'd appreciate the art of sex. Iris After the Incident has a lot of it, and it's just so hot, at the same time passionate. I wonder if it can be learned of if it's a God-given talent. The ability to write good bed scenes, I mean.

Iris After the Incident is a very timely book, a bit dark compared to other books by Mina V. Esguerra. Do you want to read the book, too? Get your Kindle edition or order directly from the author right here.

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