by - June 18, 2017

I've been blogging since 2014, something I felt I needed to do since I didn't have anything to do with my time. I got sick and was practically disabled, and so I stayed home, and occupied myself with books, movies and downloaded TV series. I'd rate and review them on my blog. Other times I'd talk about the woes of being a young disabled woman. My blogging life was consisted of the little triumphs and failures I had, along with my little discoveries I thought were worth sharing.

Three years of blogging and I suddenly felt so lost.

A lot of things happened - life got too exciting and I didn't know anymore what were the things really worth sharing. I felt pressured to gain as much traffic as the other bloggers ahead of me. I achieved it somehow, getting hits, likes and even comments on my posts. But I didn't stop for a moment to think, is this really what I wanted? Do I really need this? And when the answer was a big YES, I asked myself again. Why aren't you so keen to blog anymore. What has changed?

In order to find this out, I read my blog posts again. I was satisfied with what I did. Apparently, my readers too, 'cause they keep coming back to my blog and read more. Though there were no posts anymore about the books I've read, or about the little satisfaction I felt upon helping out a complete stranger, or even the bad feelings I had that made life more worth living. It was as if I wasn't listening (or reading) about myself - it sounded like someone else already.

So I quit. Now I refuse to continue with my old blog, because I am starting with a new one. Something fresh, something that's new but still me, and not just the bits and pieces of me which were now scattered all over my old blog. And just like anybody else, I want those bits and pieces intact.

Well, this is the only cup of coffee I had wishing me a great day ahead, so.

I think of this over a cup of coffee, on a Sunday morning. I know this is a big leap. This is a big decision because I am starting from scratch, when I've already established myself and my blog previously. I owe it to my readers, but I had to do something that would bring back the lost enthusiasm I had when it comes to blogging.

Wish me luck!


Beth G. ❤

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