On the Big Screen: Kita Kita and The Things I’ve Learned From It

by - July 30, 2017

People have been raving over the internet about Kita Kita and so, I couldn’t help but watch it too. Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino is happening in August, so I was actually saving myself for that. But then, I thought one movie won’t hurt (or two, because JLC is on the big screen too).

A lot of things have already been said about this movie, but I’d like to have my own thoughts. Lea and Tonyo are two heartbroken people who found comfort in each other in a land that’s both foreign to them (oh, did it sound like one of WIPs just now?) They met in Sapporo, a faraway city in Japan (well, they said it’s far) where Lea is a tourist guide and Tonyo is, well, it wasn’t very clear what he did in Japan, at least to me.

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So here are a few things I’ve realized after watching the movie.

Too much stress can cause blindness. Yes, I bet you didn't know about it, too, or may be you knew. I've actually Googled it, and it's called hysterical blindness or conversion disorder, by which it is commonly called. It usually caused by a great emotional stress or anxiety. Check out this link for more information.

If confronted by a great emotion, count from 1 to 10 first before you make any move that you could regret after. This is one of the things I’ve learned to be true. We shouldn’t do anything, or even decide on anything when we are devastatingly sad, super happy or overwhelmingly angry. Chances are outcome of our actions when we are overpowered by these emotions are too regrettable. And the worst part is, we can never take it back.

It doesn’t hurt to willingly receive help from other people. So when Lea got injured, she didn’t have anyone with her. Sure, it’s creepy to just trust anyone these days… especially when Tonyo was criticized of being a stalker. I personally was being stalked and it totally crept me out—no, it wasn’t romantic by all means. In the end though, Tonyo made it sure that he only cared for Lea, nothing more. (Still, it’s creepy to be followed around and learn that someone’s asking around for your whereabouts.) So maybe we should be cautious of whom to trust? But yeah, it's not so bad to receive help from other people. Most of the time, it's how we survive. 

Having your heart broken doesn’t mean it’s the end the world. You discovered your fiancé is fooling around with one of your friends, or your girlfriend left you with some unknown or maybe a bull reason—that does not mean the world has ended. It’s okay to cry, bleed a little and then… fly away. Always remember that God loves you (or someone else here on earth loves you if you don’t believe there’s God) and there’s always another day ahead of you, to love and be loved again.

Kita Kita didn’t make me cry, but it sure left me a pang of disappointment. But then maybe, not all stories really have happy endings.

Have you watched Kita Kita? What are your thoughts? Tell me about it.


Beth G. ♥

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