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All hail to moms out there! We all know and understand the sacrifices of a mom in the attempt of providing us children with a brighter life. From the seemingly endless sleepless nights just to make sure the baby is dry and fed, to that last piece of cookie she wanted to eat so bad that her kid grabbed out of her hand. This is just one of the many reasons why I sincerely believe that moms should be given a huge chunk of credit (not that I am bypassing dads, of course!)

This is also why I am so thrilled to learn that Sun Life Financial and  Mommy Mundo are collaborating in order to provide moms a huge privilege of living a brighter life. Sun Life is known to be the number one life insurance company in the Philippines, while Mommy Mundo is a community of moms that aims to make motherhood much easier through different avenues and activities. Yesterday, they just inked a partnership, which will provide Mommy Mundo members easier access to affordable insurance.

So, how are they gonna go about doing that?

Basically, the Mommy Mundo members under 65 years old can take advantage of Sun Life's PA TXT Card. It is an easy access to Sun Life's personal accident insurance that provides Php50,000 worth of insurance protection against loss from accidental bodily injury for only Php50. What's more, it can be easily activated using a mobile phone. It provides coverage for one year, and the members may also choose to enroll up to two cards for a total of Php100,000 coverage. 

So how are you going to get one?

First, you must sign up for Mommy Mundo membership for Php500 which will provide you with the passport card and a motherhood journey box. There are lots of benefits and perks of this membership including the following:
  • FREE entrance to select Mommy Mundo events
  • Guaranteed copy of the Mom 24/7 Planner
  • Discounts and privileges from Mommy Mundo partner brands
  • Get exclusive discounts during season sales and special offers
  • Earn points when you purchase from The Mommy Mundo Shop
Please visit Mommy Mundo website for more details. 

There are different boxes available - for soon-to-be-moms, actual moms, and grandmoms. Since I am not a mom yet, I got the soon-to-be-mom box. 

I know! The "Welcome to Motherhood" sign still creeps me out! LOL

And here's what's inside the box.

It's full of baby stuff, really. I plan to give them to my inaanak! (Cool ninang here!)

And here's the passport card.
Truly, Sun Life doesn't get tired of coming up with things that would give Filipinos easier access to affordable and brighter life through insuring our future. This is just one of the many things I've seen that Sun Life has done. I really am excited about the next one.

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