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by - August 17, 2017

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Yay for the first day of Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino! I’ve mentioned in my very first blog post for August that I’ve been looking forward to this, and so there’s no way I won’t be seeing any movies in its premiere. I saw two movies today, and let’s talk about the first movie I’ve seen: Bar Boys

What Is It About?

Four friends, all of them appeared to be happy-go-lucky boys, went to take the entrance exam for law school. Three of them passed the exam and went to the law school, where they got introduced in a world where only the finest survive, and the challenges not only made them question their capabilities and the things that they are willing to do in order to survive, but also their friendship.

What I Think About It

I used to dream of entering the law school, and now I am torn if I should be disappointed or if I should be glad that I didn’t go that way. There were lots of scenes that demonstrated how difficult it is to study law and to catch up with all the pressure coming from all aspects of life. I appreciated the idea that each of the characters were subjected to different kinds of pressure. Chris (Enzo Pineda) needed to prove himself to his dad who wanted him to be just like his dad (My dad wanted me to be his clone.), at the same time keep his girlfriend despite the lack of time to cultivate a romantic relationship. Eric (Carlo Aquino) needed to finish school to make up for all the sacrifices of his dying father. Torran (Rocco Nacino) is a frat member who is always torn between turning in his “brothers” and keeping all the bad things to himself.

The classroom scenes were also priceless. Ms. Odette Khan strongly reminded me of my college professor (a lawyer and taught us International Law) who kept on saying “I don’t care what you think” to whoever started their statement with “Ma’am, I think…”. I could only imagine how many friendships had been broken just because the law professors were too provoking during classroom discussions. Also, I noticed just how people in fraternities have more advantages compared to those who aren’t. Though it was made clear in the end that Eric could graduate out of his own efforts, I wonder what could actually happen in real life.

Bar Boys appears to be the nearest depiction of what law school is like (at least that’s what’s according my professors and my friends who pursued their studies). It shows just how you’d need all the support you can get once you enter that world where there’s only one thing the rules: survival of the fittest. If you are planning to watch PPP movies, I suggest you put this on your list.

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