Book Report: Break Up Anniversary by Dawn Lanuza

by - August 16, 2017

I know I really need to catch up on my reading and so, here’s another book review. Break Up Anniversary is a short story written by a Filipino author, Dawn Lanuza which she wrote for the prompt #WriteBreakUpSongsAbout.

What Is It About?

The story is about Rebecca, who suddenly gets reminded of her ex-boyfriend, Nat, while she was reading through her old planner. Just when she thought she’s already moved on, she felt like her feelings were coming back. Now she’s torn—should she contact him again? Or should she just give a chance to this good-looking co-worker she has?

What I Think About It

All of us girls, I believe has that moment in our lives, when we want to contact our ex (or the guy we really like) and we just don’t shoot the email or text message, right? We’d compose the message, read it again, think carefully of what punctuation marks to use, even the greeting and the closing should appear very casual just so the other party wouldn’t think that we’re trying to send a different message. When I was in the part when Rebecca was obsessing about the composition of her message to Nat, and also Nat’s message to him, I just said to myself, “oh my god, that is soooo me!” I guess what I’m trying to say is that, the story is so relatable to me.

Break Up Anniversary is a short read that would definitely slap you with the truth of how you overanalyze things when it comes to your ex, I swear! :-D But as much as I so like this part of the book, I felt suspended about Rebecca and Jamie, the cute co-worker. Gosh, I hope they could have their own book!

My Rating: ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

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Beth G.

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