Lip Flush Bitten Lip by Maybelline: Review + Swatches

by - August 14, 2017

They say a girl cannot have too many lippies. Well, I still cannot identify myself as a makeup enthusiast, though I’ve been spending a lot of time watching makeup tutorials in YouTube lately. Eyeliners and lipsticks (or lip tints) are my can’t-live-without cosmetic items, and so when a YouTuber featured this three-toned lipstick from Maybelline and I saw the lip swatches, I was like, “Oh my god, I neeeeed that!”

It’s not a new thing—Maybelline’s Lip Flush Bitten Lip has been in the market several months ago. But because it was National Lipstick Day and I want to join the craze of hoarding discounted lipsticks plus, this particular lippie would definitely help me imitate IU’s gradient lips easier, I didn’t have second thoughts of buying them.

Yes, it allows you to perfect that Korean gradient lips, or that perfect ombre lips you oh-so-want to achieve.

Find out how you can achieve her lip makeup in just one swipe.
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So let’s take a closer look on these lip loveys:

Packaging: They were sealed when I got them, just like any other lipsticks that I bought. Though unlike some that are usually in black tubes, Lip Flush Bitten Lip comes in a silver tube with a gradient-colored cap, kinda like what it looks like on the inside. Cute, right?

Color Intensity: There are four shades available for this product, but I didn’t like the color of the other two. I got the ones in shades PK01 and RD02. I’ve learned a long time ago that swatches from testers are not that reliable, and so I was so glad that the colors from the tube are exactly their color when I applied them on my lips.

This is in the shade PK01.

This is in the shade RD02.

Moisture: Unlike the other lip product I used before, these lippies didn’t leave my lips cracked or looking dehydrated. It has always been one of my problems so, it’s good that these Maybelline lipsticks make my lips look moisturized, plus it has a perfect finish.

Resilience: The product lasts for more than three hours, depending on your activity. So unless you’re like me who always drinks or eats, then you should reapply every three hours at the minimum. Otherwise, you need to touch up after you eat.

Ready for your Korean gradient lips? Lip Flush Bitten Lip is available on Maybelline counters in drugstores and department stores nationwide for only Php299.

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