Color Show Satin Lipsticks by Maybelline: A Quick Review

by - August 29, 2017

Annyeong haseyo! I’m sorry I’ve been gone too long. But before I give you updates on what I’ve been doing these days, let me do a quick review of these lippies. I’ve long ago mentioned that lipsticks are my can’t-live-without cosmetic products (along with eyeliners, of course!) and I can’t believe these Color Show Satin Lipsticks have been sitting in my makeup kit all this time—seemingly forgotten! Well, I think I’ve already used one of them like, twice, but I didn’t really appreciate it until I used the other one yesterday.

Again, these lipsticks have been out of the market for a long time now, but then maybe I really do suffer from arrested development that I’ve been conscious about these things (relatively) recently. I remember I got these products while Maybelline was having a huge sale on some of their selected items.

Now, let’s take a closer look at the products.

Packaging. So, again they were sealed when I bought them, just like any products I’ve bought. They come in black tubes with little colored strips in the middle which depict the shade of the product inside. They weren’t too cute for my standards, but I love them!

Maybelline Color Show Satin Lipstick in Pink Avenue

Color intensity. This product comes in 10 super saturated shades (that’s what the Maybelline website says) and I got the shades Downtown Red and Pink Avenue. I should say both are highly pigmented which makes them easier to use because I didn’t have to put a lot of product in my lips. The Pink Avenue shade is perfect for everyday use since its color is a bit subtle. Downtown Red, on the other hand, is perfect for that vampire red lips (I fell in love with it when I wore it!).

Moisture. These lippies aren’t matte, (I am not a huge fan of matte lipsticks though Color Show also comes in matte, I believe), hence satin, and my lips felt super moisturized when I used them. Downtown Red has some feels akin to semi-matte finish—it didn’t feel like my lips were dry yet they also didn’t feel like I was wearing lipstick (I know you know what I’m talking about.) I also like the fact that they smell so good, almost like candy!

Maybelline Color Show Satin Lipstick in Downtown Red.

Resilience. Oh my god, I can’t wait for this part! I used Downtown Red yesterday as I did my usual charity work. I had breakfast (it was a heavy breakfast with rice, eggs and OJ) so after that, I had to apply a little bit of the product just to even out the color. It was a little after nine. Then I went through the day, and I was so surprised that I was still sporting red lips until lunch at 2pm! And this is despite of me drinking and even having snack bites. Imagine just how cool is that? Obviously, it’s a win!

Color Show Satin Lipsticks are available on Maybelline counters in drugstores and department stores nationwide for only Php179 each.

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Beth G.

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