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by - September 08, 2017

Filipinos are known to be one of the best when it comes to speaking English. This is given the fact that we’re not native speakers and it’s not our official language. But even if we have been dubbed as "one of the best", many of us still find it hard to grasp a good English command, especially in conversation. Knowing how to speak English and learning how to converse well with it gives anyone the advantage and competitive edge, especially in the corporate world. This is something that American English could provide.

Just a bit of a background, American English is a language school located in Makati. Established in 2006, it provides the tools and the skills needed in order to communicate well in English around the globe. I should say I was lucky enough to be able to attend English training sessions with them. I’m gonna be sharing with you guys my experience as I sat in the classes and give you reasons why you definitely need to enroll in this language school.

They take things seriously. I was in the BPO industry for a little over seven years and trust me—we take English training seriously. I felt this kind of vibe when I entered the American English classroom. It felt like everywhere is an EOP zone (English Only Policy or English Only, Please!), because how else are you gonna be able to learn how to converse in English if you don’t practice, right? And let’s face it, you’re not gonna be able to learn anything if you won’t take it seriously.

While waiting for the class to start. 
Get rid of your Filipinisms. Okay, you might not be familiar with Filipinisms, but back in my voice and accent training, we defined this as terms or phrases that sound or appear to be grammatically correct but would definitely sound weird when you tell it to a native English speaker. I know you understood perfectly what dine-in and take-out mean, but have you ever wondered why Starbucks (which is by the way a U.S. brand) uses for here and to go? There's a lot of Filipinisms that you might not be aware of, and you're using them everyday. American English would help you get rid of them.

Interactive sessions. This is not your traditional classroom setting where everyone sits on the desk and teacher/trainer does all the talking. You are gonna be sitting in tables, conference room-like and encouraged to participate in classroom discussions. You do most of the talking, with the trainer just guiding you on what to say and how to say it… right.

Yes, we also laugh even if we mean business. 

Friendly staff.
The staff would welcome you with big smiles you’d never hesitate to ask lots of questions! I met Mr. Robin Salvador and Manny Pagsuyuin and they were all too welcoming to accommodate me in their school.

Free coffee, anyone? Coffee is life, yes? Yes, there’s free coffee outside—you just have to help yourself.

American English is open for admission and you just have to visit their website at http://americanenglish.ph/ for more details. And because you read my blog ‘til the end, I’ll give you a discount code that would give you Php500 worth of discount in your enrollment fees.


Don’t just good. Speak well. Enroll now at American English!

Beth G. ♥

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