MIBF 2017: My Book Haul and Why I Bought Them

by - September 18, 2017

Yes. This is most probably the most awaited event of book lovers out there! The 38th Manila International Book Fair (MIBF) happened last week, from September 13 to September 17. Five days of hoarding for discounted books, authors and readers meet-and-greet, freebies and other exciting stuff. This is my their year attending and as always, I am ecstatic about my experience.

I won't bore you anymore with the details on how the people standing in line already made me feel exhausted just by looking at them. Let's go straight to the books I got and why I picked them.

Si, Bob Ong. Bob Ong books became one of my ultimate favorites back in college. This anonymous author whose satirical prose perfectly depicts the society I am currently living in never fails to amuse me. Si is his only book that I haven't read yet, so maybe this is the first book from my haul that I am going to read.

Ang Nawawala, Chuckberry Pascual. I am not sure if Pascual is a new author, or I just have no idea what I've been doing the first time he introduced himself as an author. This is definitely his first book I've seen, and I saw it on my Facebook feeds when one of my respected authors promoted it. And yes, I got curious when I saw the cover.

Tatlong Araw, Tatlong Gabi, Eros Atalia. The renowned author of Ligo Na U, Lapit Na Me actually has newer books than this, but again, I got curious about the title. I am not too thrilled with the size of this book, though, as it reminds me of my college workbooks. I mean, how am I supposed to put it in my bag and read it while I'm stuck on traffic?

Troya, 12 Kwento, Joselito Delos Reyes. I've been following Doc Joey on Facebook, and I am super fascinated by all the things he puts in there. Pure wit! He's got a couple more books (or three, I'm not sure) I didn't get, but I sure am gonna drop by the bookstore soon to pick them up. Again, not too thrilled with the size of this book.

31st by Cindy Dela Cruz. 8Letters Publishing is the only booth that offered indie books (or that's the only booth I know) and I am glad to be able to bring home at least one. 31st stirred my thoughts when I read the words witch, October 31st and botanist. I am so excited to read it.

No, I didn't get #romanceclass books because 1) there's no booth for us this year; 2) I just got some digital copies of several books by us; and 3) there's #FeelsFest happening in October 14 and that means romance book haul.

Were you able to attend MIBF 2017? Comment below your favorite/s among the books you got.

Beth G. ♥   

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