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by - September 20, 2017

Sorry for the grainy pic. 😏

I feel like I should have done this a long time ago, but since the #FeelsFest (another #romanceclass event) is nearing and we decided to count down the days before it happens, I felt the need of doing this. Day 6's prompt was what #romanceclass book would you recommend, and I suddenly just couldn't say a particular title because, gosh, there are so many of them that I fell in love with.

The picture above shows the books in print I have in my shelf as I write this, and hastily took pictures of them because they're cute. So before I launch myself into telling you what books to read, you might want to know first about #romanceclass.

I am part of this community not just a reader, but also an author. But no, I won't recommend you my book, well, not exactly. 😅 Please be informed that the books in this list are the ones I've already read. I may have this blog post updated once I've read more books from these fantastic authors of the community. So what books would I recommend you to read? Read on to find out.

Chill Reads on a Lazy Sunday Afternoon

Sunday afternoons are my favorite part of the week because this is the time when all my works behind me and I could fully rest. I'd usually have a cup of coffee and do nothing, so sometimes, it could get boring. So what I do is grab a book, curl up and read. I'd usually pick up books with not so complicated plots. For this, I'd recommend All is Fair in Blog and War, Vintage Love and Bye-Bye Bouquet.

Prose in an Exquisite Kind of Way

This is something I've learned to appreciate when I read Julie Anne Peters books, and I am glad that #romanceclass books could also offer such things. When I read Songs of Our Breakup, I immediately understood that this book belongs to my shelf. Gladly, there's two more books awaited me, Songs to Get Over You and Songs to Make You Stay. I fell in love with this series because 1) I am reading a super fine prose; 2) Shinta is ♥; 3) there are songs all over the books.

Complicated Plots

But then there are times when I want to be puzzled, and books with complicated plots are one answer to quench this longing. Falling in love with your best friend's ex, hooking up with someone whose past is as checkered as yours--you name it, we got it. I particularly like When Sparks Fly and Iris After the Incident.

Reads with Respectable Smut Levels

New adult romance should at least have a decent smut level, that's what most people would normally say. I am not sure if this is a requirement, but I find it cool if the smut scenes are flawlessly written in the book like the book would never be complete without them. #romanceclass books have a variety of this! I recommend most of Ms. Mina V. Esguerra's work and #romanceclass Steamy Reads, where I particularly love One Night in the Palace Hotel. Don't worry, these scenes are always, always consensual and protected. 😉

Read While You Are on the Beach/Summer Getaway

Heartbreaking, second chances of love, smut levels from clean to the nth heat levels--you name it, this book has it. Summer Feels is a #romanceclass anthology comprised of 24 short stories set in different summer destinations in the Philippines. One of the stories, The Game of Twenty Questions is written by yours truly, and this book is just perfect if you want to curl up with quick romance reads in a hammock tied in coconut trees by the beach! 😅

Where to get the books?

Most of our books are indie pubbed, which is also one of the reasons why I love this community. You can get our books usually via Amazon for digital copies. But if you prefer books in print, you can visit the website at www.romanceclassbooks.com and look for these books.

Which of the books are you curious to read now? Tell me about it in the comments section.

Beth G. ♥

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