It's November Aaaaaand I'm Back!

by - November 09, 2017

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I was gone the past few weeks, and I am sorry. I had to do something and it needed my undivided attention, so I had to prioritize. Unfortunately, blogging came last. But here I am now, so ready to give you some updates on what's going to happen during my November. 

12 Months of Romance, 24 Reasons to Love Facebook Party Launch. Yes, we've launched the book in hard print. The authors (though not all of us) were there in flesh during the #FeelsFest (sorry I don't have my recap huhu) and it amazed me to find out it hurt to sign a hundred books! But of course there's no stopping us to launch the book once again, in its digital format in the digital world. So yes, wherever you maybe, you can join the party and win exciting prizes. This is gonna be happening on November 18 and 19. Watch out the announcements on my social media pages on which time I am gonna be hosting, okay? Okay.

Click on the link below if you want to join, and the only requirements are 1) internet connection; 2) Facebook account; and 3) emotional readiness (because this is going to give you a roller coaster of emotions.). 

Books and (maybe) movie reviews. You know guys I am a sucker for books (at least if you've been following me on my social media accounts, and it's @bethgstories for IG, FB and TW if you haven't yet). I haven't posted any reviews here for a while, but since I have a bit of idle time now, there are some books in my bedside table again (oh wait, I actually don't have a bedside table hahaha). I've some movies I've also been wanting to check out an I might blog about it too. 

Product Hauls. I've been hoarding some things lately (Korean sheet masks and... cosmetic products) and I also want to share them with you, guys. I've been addicted to online shopping lately (since it's very convenient) and I also want to share my great experience about it. 

Para Kay B Musical. Yes, this is sooo happening this month, and I hope someone would come with me this time. I might prefer being alone in cinemas, but definitely not in a theater. 

So these are pretty much the things that I am looking forward to this month. What about you? 

Beth G. ♥

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