Korean Sheet Masks: Why Am I So Gaga About Them?

by - November 14, 2017

I was never on the smooth skin side. My face always suffered from break outs when I was a teenager, and when I grew out of it, my skin shouted out PORES. I didn't care for the most part, though I was aware it wasn't flattering at all. And the medications I used to take triggered my acne-prone skin big time. So now that it appears I am so out of it, I want my skin to look like it's being taken care of very well. Facials and spas are as expensive as hell, so I resorted to Korean sheet masks. 

Sheet masks are known to be the "soul of Korean skin care", as essences are actually the heart of it. Korean skin care routine is the most intensive skin care I've ever seen, as it involves ten steps that included double cleansing, exfoliating, toning, various treatments, moisturizing and protecting the skin (I'd make a separate post for this, I promise!). Now, here's a confession: I went gaga about sheet masks because of my Kdrama addiction, and not for anything else! Well, maybe I am really after having good skin, but still. Kdrama influenced me on this.

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So here are some more reasons why I love sheet masks.

It is sooo soothing to the skin. I don't use sheet masks everyday--only when there's a big thing happening the next day, or if that day was exfoliation day. Or maybe when I'm stressed. I love that cool feeling it gives when I put it on my face. It's just way too relaxing, and is way even better when there are lighted scented candles, soft music and tea!

My skin feels good after. Since sheet masks are packed with serums and other skin nutrients, the effect is just instantaneous. My skin becomes more supple, softer and super hydrated after it's soaked in sheet mask for 20 minutes. My favorite so far would be aloe vera and honey. They leave my skin glowing and I can totally go with minimal make up after.

Might give some of them away this weekend so stay tuned!

It's so easy and convenient to use. Even when travelling, this is just too easy to pack. You don't even have to wash it off after use--just remove the sheet from your face, massage your skin gently to allow it absorb the serum further and there! You're done.

Way cheaper than spas and facials. Sheet mask prices range from Php40 to Php120 each, depending on the brand, but hey. A hundred bucks is still way cheaper than facials. Plus, you can do this at home so there's no need to go to the spa if you don't have the time.

I can still get my skin taken care of even when I am busy. Let's face it--not all of us do not have the money to go to the spa. You might have the money, but you don't have the time, right? This whole 30-minute skin care ritual (30 because you get to cleanse and basically prep your skin for this) is basically a winner if you are just too busy you don't have the time for facial appointments.

Never take your skin for granted and keep in mind that skin care is one of the best investments you can give yourself. I personally believe it doesn't have to be expensive and time-consuming. Korean sheet masks would definitely do the trick. What's your favorite skin care step? Let's talk about it below at the comments section.

Beth G. ♥

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