This Is What My 2017 Looks Like

by - December 30, 2017

I know I’ve been missing for a while, and I’m sorry. I have been cooking up something for all of you guys in the coming year, and I am very excited. But of course, before we head on over to 2018, join me as I look back on my 2017 which was full of fun and adventure. I was browsing through hundreds of photos, and I realized that I really lived my life to the fullest this year. Come and let’s take a quick look!


I never thought travelling could be so much fun, or maybe I did know but I never really enjoyed it as much as I did this year. No, I hadn’t been to lots of places, but I’ve been to some remarkable place because I did things I never did before in my life. I braved to cross the Cloud 9 Bridge in Antipolo in order to have the 360-degree aerial view of the city. I rode the zipline in Tagaytay. And yes, how can I ever forget riding the ATV in Bicol, where I fell off the river?


Food is life, and here are some various places I’ve been in this year. Most of them are my first times, really (oh yes, I know I’m far behind). I try to take pictures of the food because some of them are really instagrammable, but the main reason is that, I want to document the first time I’m eating that particular food. I tried new restaurants that served Korean food, there’s also Japanese and Italian, and yes, how can I forget about cakes and coffee?


I’ve always been a people person, and I still wonder how I survived the past years working online at home. I love meeting new people and share “shareable” experiences with them, though there are times that I am a bit too picky when it comes to making long-term friends (comment below if we’ve met this year, and I’ll be sure to remember you). This is the reason why I love attending events and functions. Below are the pictures of the different things I’ve attended, the most remarkable ones.

But of course, my most remarkable would be the release of May Forever Nga Ba?, and the two anthologies where my short stories are featured, Summer Feels and 12 Months of Romance, 24 Reasons to Love. Oh and yeah, the first musical I’ve seen, Mula Sa Buwan, gave me the maximum kilig feel the entire year. If you’re a bestest friend, you’ll know why. :D

It's two days to go before the year ends. Let's all be positive that the coming new year would be filled with more adventures and fun, laughter and love, and more blessings from God. I hope you're excited because me, I can't wait.

How are you going to sum up your 2017? Tell me about it in the comments section. 

Beth G. ♥

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