i love the rain

by - January 21, 2018

The rain pours heavily outside. Relentless. Cruel. Most people hated the rain. Maybe it's because there is some sort of a gloomy feeling associated with it - something that reminds you you're all alone, and on you're on your own. There's something about the rain that brings you a certain kind of brokenness, and it forcefully reminds you of the bitter things you tried so hard to push off your head. Maybe it's the cold. Or maybe the heavens also knew how to cry after all.

But me, I love the rain. I love the sound of it on my roof, kinda like a blank noise. So calming it soothes my soul. The cool sprinkles from the sky means you'll brew a pot of coffee in this late afternoon drizzle. We'll sit by the window and enjoy the warmth of our cups and talk about all sorts of things. You'd ask me how my day went and you'd tell me how yours was spent. Then you'll ask me to cook some soup for supper, and you'll wrap your arms around my waist from behind.

I love the rain. The cold winds it blows through our window means we'd cuddle under the covers. We'd kiss and laugh and make love throughout the night, and our whispers would be drowned by that same blank sound I enjoyed listening, next to the beating of your heart.

I love the rain. The smell of morning rain is best when mixed with the smell of brewing coffee. We'd have another cup, maybe two, on the patio along with the fried eggs with the yolks intact and runny, and toasts I made. You'd kiss me on the forehead after, as the sun starts to shine and make the wet grass glitter.

It's a promise of a new day.

I love the rain.

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