Gotti's Ristorante for My Italian Food Cravings

After the PPCRV volunteering I did for the elections, the somewhat depressing outcome of the results and the day today that was so tiring yet fulfilling, I figured I deserved a treat. Although chocolate cake and coffee could have been heaven, I decided to go for pasta and pizza for lunch. My stop? Gotti's Ristorante.

I discovered this place a few weeks ago. I tried their puttanesca and as much as I wanted to also try the pizza margherita, my doubt for my appetite that day prevailed. Good thing there's always next time, and it happened today.

I had Joe's minestrone first - something that I haven't had for quite a while now. The tomato goodness of the soup and the finely diced vegetables made up for the lack of pasta. Macaroni is missing, and instead it was replaced with a few strands of spaghetti. I've been reading minestrone recipes online and all of them have macaronis so I don't know if Joe's version is something original in some places in Italy.

Joe's minestrone

Since the pasta that I anticipated from the soup is missing and I still felt a bit empty, I went for their frutti di mare. It's also spaghetti, but the sauce is supposed to have seafood in it. There were mussels, shrimps and some calamari, but the sauce tasted almost the same as the pasta alla puttanesca I had a few weeks ago. The puttanesca was a bit smoky and salty for my taste buds,  but I added some more parmesan so maybe that was just it. With the frutti di mare though, I didn't add anything and still, it's salty.

After loading myself with the pasta, I went for the pizza margherita, which is the ultimate highlight of this Italian food trip. I've seen on TV that if compared to a story, the crust is supposed to be your pizza's main character and so, I am giving a two thumbs-up for the almost crunchy crust. It's tomato-sour taste and basil tasted so good, but it's still too salty for my taste. I am not sure if it's just me though, because I've had Sbarro and Lucca Bakery and their pizzas are just so great.

pizza margherita

I am that girl who likes to eat. Maybe that's why I always have something to say when it comes to food. In case you are wondering, I brought home the remaining slices of pizza (I'm not a glutton, just starved because it was a late lunch).

Gotti's Ristorante is a good place to eat, but I'd still choose Sbarro or Lucca Bakery for my signature pick-me-ups.

What's your favorite Italian food?


Beth G.


  1. I super love Gotti's!! Very affordable and really good food.

  2. I love the crust crunchiness of pizza. :D


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