Ricky Lee's Kung Alam N'yo Lang: The Making and Book Signing

This is the second time I attended a Karl Castro and Ricky Lee event. The first one was back in May last year, as they talked about their works and collaborations in The Secret Life of Books, along with other people in the writing and self-publishing industry. There were a lot of great insights that I've heard from that, which all became valuable to me as I journeyed in my writing and self-publishing thingy (I still have a hard time calling it a career sometimes, tbh). So now, that the great Ricky Lee has launched yet another literary masterpiece, there was no way I am going to miss it. This is despite the short notice and my unfamiliarity with the venue. 

Groufie with the author and illustrators

Kung Alam N'yo Lang is intended for kids age 9 and above, though the cover says Mga Kwentong Pambata Para Sa Mga 'Di Na Bata. It consists of four short stories with illustrations done by Kenikenken, Diigii Daguna, Jether Amar (Saving Sally) and Ivan Reverente. It reminded me a bit of Bob Ong's Ang Alamat ng Gubat, maybe because of the concept of being a children's book for adults plus the illustrations. It also heavily reminded me of Para Kay B, another Ricky Lee masterpiece, because of the idea of short stories compiled into one book. 

This makes a change in my TBR list, so please bear with me and watch out for my review! :)

Ricky Lee talked about his younger years, on how he grew up reading comics instead of actual children's books (I also grew up reading Funny Comics so all hail to the '90s Pinoy kids!). According to him, it made him realize that words are truly not enough to describe life itself. The illustrations and the visuals help the storyteller to better describe the story. 

Kulang ang mga salita para ilarawan nito ang buhay - Ricky Lee

Although, illustrations do not work in all kinds of stories. 

It took him four months to complete this book, which is remarkably a short period as compared to Para Kay B, which took him a year to finish. 

Kung Alam N'yo Lang: The Making and Book Signing happened during the BGC Arts Festival at the Exhibit Hall of Maybank Performing Arts Theater. 

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