Spend a Feel-Good Evening at the Ruins Food Park Project

If you are in search of a new place to hang out, brace yourself! Ruins Foos Park Project is now open to provide you with simply the best of everything you need for a relaxing weekend. 

Ruins Food Park Project is a newly established food park in Metropolitan Makati - it used to be an old parking space converted into a place where you and your friends could make it your new "tambayan." The ambience gives you that feel good vibes, because of the fresh air, good music and, of course, food! 

So what can you possibly expect when you come to this food park? Let me tell you what I had. 😄

1. Variety of Food. Since it is a food park, expect different kinds of food, from Vietnamese to American (burgers!), and even shawarma. There's food for dinner and also for light snacks, as well as stalls that serve alcoholic drinks. 

[caption width="548" align="aligncenter"]Complimentary food from Pho Yoh. The fried spring rolls are called chagio, and the fresh ones are called guocuon. [/caption]

[caption width="617" align="aligncenter"]This one's the pho bo, or the beef noodle soup. The beef is too tender and flat (linguine-like) nooodles were used. [/caption]

[caption width="480" align="aligncenter"]These are coming from the Derelict Bar. There's lemonade iced tea (yellow), cucumber (blue), strawberry (red) and the mixture of cucumber and lemonade which is the best of them all! [/caption]

[caption width="480" align="aligncenter"]Mac and cheese balls for that perfect light snack if you're on a diet.[/caption]

[caption width="513" align="aligncenter"]This is from the shawarma stand - the beef is juicy and tender, and this meal heavily resembles something from Turks. [/caption]

2. The feel-good ambience. Dine under the stars while listening to some feel-good music. 

[caption width="480" align="aligncenter"]See these people relaxing and just having fun. Photo taken at dusk. [/caption]

[caption width="640" align="aligncenter"]The Derelict Bar. [/caption]

[caption width="640" align="alignnone"]The Derelict Bar offers both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. [/caption]

[caption width="480" align="aligncenter"]With Mr. Alvin Gueco, the owner of the Derelict Bar, who also happens to be the man behind the cafe, Tipsy Beans.[/caption]

Ruins Food Park Project is located at Metropolitan Avenue, Makati. So if you are working just around the Makati area, drop by with your friends and have an exciting, fun and relaxing Friday night. 


Beth G. ❤