Wonut: Your Donut in a Waffle

I've always wanted my waffle savory - tuna waffle is my ultimate favorite. Sometimes I like it with banana and peanut butter. But to top it with green tea or blueberry or the classic Bavarian filling which is my ultimate favorite when it came to donuts? You're kidding me, right? 

But then it's no joke. Because there's actually a food kiosk that offers exactly that. Wo-nut isn't exactly the newest pasalubong craze in town since it has been in the business for three years. But it's the first time that I've heard of it as it opens its newest branch at the SM City Taytay.

people lining up for free waffle

This happened last Saturday when a priest was also invited to bless the newly opened business and they've given away free donuts to the first 50 customers. I'm not sure if this is also new to you, but according to the company's executive vice president, Angelica Castillo, they already have several kiosk around Metro Manila, and most of them are located in SM Malls. 

There are several flavors of Wo-nuts to choose from, including chocolate chip, cheesy cheese, green tea almond, white almond and even blueberry cheese. 

So what made them think that this is gonna be feasible for the market? Obviously, it's the fact that there is no competition in this business. Wo-nut is the only brand in the Philippines that serves this kind of product in the food industry. 

cheesy wo-nut

chocolate wo-nut

So if you're used to the usual savory waffle or the usual donut; or maybe you love donuts and waffles at the same time, this is definitely the brand for you. Wo-nut. 


  1. Masubukan ko nga ito next time, may branch na sa SM Fairview! XD

  2. Go! Green tea almond is my favorite, so far. 😄😄😄

  3. Green tea is my favorite too!


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