Book Report: The Playboy Next Door by Christina Tetreault

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Right, so my second book this year is romance (super classic), something that I got from Amazon. I haven’t heard of Christina Teatrault but downloaded The Playboy Next Door out of my freewill, just like the other books in my Kindle. I guess in this book, the words "next door" caught my eye. I didn’t take me long to 1-click. The Playboy Next Door is the third book in the Love in the North Shore Series. It's standalone though, so again, you don't need to bother reading the first books.

What Is It About?

The Playboy Next Door is about Tony, who has the earned the reputation of being the North Salem's resident playboy and all he wanted was to have fun and casual hook-ups. Catrina, or Cat, on the other hand is setup on dates by her friends after her 10-year boyfriend dumped her. So, when her date for the night stood her up and she's got nothing better to do, she walks in a bar. Who'd be the better person to find her there but Tony? They can both have fun, yes. But Cat's brother is Tony's best friend and living in a small town meant no secrets. Would they be able to work things out, even just for fun?

What I Think About It

Stories set in a small town is something that's quite of challenging to write, maybe because of the fact that it has to happen among the limited characters, unless there'd be an outsider who'd usually ruin the mood. Reading this book made me feel like I've already read lots of books with similar stories in the past, only because of the description of the small town life (a Nicholas Sparks fan here). So basically, the challenge here would be, how Cat and Tony could possibly be together without the whole town gossiping about it? It's also kind of risky because Cat's brother is Tony's best friend. I personally never would have understood this dilemma since I didn't have a big brother, but then Tony has a reputation and everyone knows about it. Even a non-sibling would warn Cat.

The Right Kind of Wrong

When I said that everybody knows what kind of guy Tony is, it meant it included Cat. She knows Tony had already been with hundreds of girls for casual hook-ups. She knew what she was getting into. She kept reminding herself that what she had with Tony was only temporary, they were just having fun so might as well enjoy it while it lasted. Little did she know that she was actually falling in love with Tony.

Tony, on the other hand, thinks the same thing. Although Cat should've been off limits for obvious reason, plus the fact that she's not the type of girl that wouldn't expect more of him, he took the risk. As he put it, the sex is great. Clearly, they weren't right for each other for so many reasons. But hey, there wasn't wrong or right when it comes to love!

I just got frustrated in the last few chapters, when both of them are overthinking things. I repeatedly wondered why they didn't talk about these things to each other OUT LOUD. Both of them are overwhelming with assumptions, and when Cat...when Cat finally gives in to her feelings, here's the idiot Tony sticking up to his original plan when he knew for a fact that his plan has long changed. Seriously though, what is it with men and their ego? 😒

Love or Career 

Yep, this is also one of the things that could have been a major conflict, but then the characters were clear that this is taboo. So of course, love wins!

Smut Level 

I'd definitely rate smut levels for romance books, and I'd give this a two. There wasn't much in there except for torrid kissing and fondling of breasts. Sweet though, but not something you'd read to satisfy you Sunday night guilty pleasure.

Should You Read It?

I can't find a reason for you not to read this book, maybe unless you're looking for a more hardcore smut, or something diverse. The Playboy Next Door is a book that's perfect to read on a lazy Sunday afternoon while having tea.

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