Book Review: Malibu Hills Murder by Deborah Brown

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

First of all, this book is a bit too short for a mystery novel. But I figured there's gonna be more since Malibu Hills Murder is just the first book of the Zuma Seals series. Well, I finished it last night and was a bit disappointed.

What Is It About?

Zach Lazzaro runs his own private investigations office, along with his two friends, Slice and Cable, and with the aid of his district attorney girlfriend Avalon and Lark the receptionist.  When they found out their subject (the wife of a billionaire old man) was murdered and that one of them was the potential suspect, they had to work double time in order to catch the real culprit before the police turns to them.

What I think about it

I didn't read the blurb before buying this book—the hot bod on the cover and the "Malibu" in the title was all and enough to allow them take my money. I was expecting a whole lot of glamorous and maybe a classy murder from this book. Perhaps, a teenager who overdosed during a wild party and it turns out to be a deliberate murder. Or a Hollywood star accidentally died during the set which would turned out to be a masterfully crafted manslaughter. But I got nothing of those. Instead I got a young wife murdered, and who else but the jealous billionaire old man of a husband was the prime suspect.

If there's one more thing I didn't expect from this book, it's the blatant objectification of women. Sure, Zach might genuinely love his girlfriend, but I didn't feel anything from him for Avalon but lust and the usefulness of her being the district attorney for his company. Kimberly Werner, the murdered young wife gave "the best sex ever" to Slice, and for me, it appears that it was Kimberly's fault she's dead and that she lured Slice to screw up in his job. And Alura. Poor Alura was purely just an object to use to that billionaire old man Werner's heart's content. Oh and yeah, I couldn't really figure it out how Zach and his team was able to seamlessly penetrate the walls of Mr. Werner's home despite of its "state of the art" security details. And how did they get out of there unscratched?

I'm going to be critically honest here, but I really couldn't say I enjoyed Malibu Hills Murder, the really way I imagined I would. I feel like there should be more to the story than simply just that. This is just too easy for a mystery book. But of course, that doesn't mean you wouldn't enjoy it. So I won't stop you from purchasing and reading this book if you must.

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