If We Were Having Coffee Season 2

Monday, January 29, 2018

I started the If We Were Having Coffee series in my blog for quite several months ago, and now I want to put it back just so I have a concrete avenue to tell you about the not-so-trivial things in my head. These things won't appear in Google (because you're not going to search for it anyway!). But this is something that would give you a glimpse of me as a person (yeah, I tend to overshare a bit.). Basically these are the things I’m gonna tell you - if we were having coffee.

My computer sh*t out on me yesterday so I wasn't able to do anything. Okay, "wasn't able to do anything" is an overstatement but I know you get the picture. Some keys on my keyboard suddenly stopped working, and the OS needs an update (I'm typing this on my smartphone right now). I'm not sure if that's the only thing that's wrong with it, so I summoned my computer geek friend and he said he'd help. Gosh, I need it to be done asap because we're finalizing the draft of the first book I'm releasing this year.

I signed up for the 2018 Reading Challege in Goodreads and I'm almost updated. I am aiming to read at least 60 books this year (I lost the 100 Books in 365 Days Challenge in 2015), and since I've no computer to write, I read a book instead. I'll be posting some reviews in the coming days so please watch out for them.

I've been obsessing about the zero waste lifestyle and I'm seriously considering doing it. Like I said, there are some things in my life that are totally non-negotiable. Medicine prescriptions and other health insurance-related paperworks, receipts for discounted grocery items and a lot more items that can be found here are just unavoidable in my kind of life. But I suppose papers can be recycled and in one of the videos I've watched, they say you don't have to give up everything. Giving a damn about Mother Earth isn't that hard to do I guess, so we'll see.

I received a happy email earlier this week and I am excited. I am referring to the Monty Phyton's Spamalot's come back and I've got tickets to the press night! Yep, a super early birthday gift, indeed.

I suppose you have something to tell me, too. Maybe thoughts or suggestions about what I just told you. Please leave them on the comments section below. Or email me if you prefer we talk in private. 😊😊😊

Spread the looooove!


Beth G. ❤

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