Let's Make Things Happen This Year

It took me eight days before I write my first post of the year, and I am sorry. But let me tell you that from now on, I'll make it a point to put my blogging on the upper part of my priority list. 2017 has been great, and there are lots of things that I was able to do unexpectedly. This year, I plan to make more things happen and I want you to be part of my journey. Come, join me as I take a closer look at the things I wish to accomplish this 2018.

More Books to Read

I need to make some sort of a confession - I lost that enthusiasm in reading books. The joy of being able to finish a book, the newfound friends in the characters, the things I've learned, and the reviews I write about them, I miss them all. So now, I intend to bring them all back. Right now, I have more than twenty books downloaded in my Kindle, a variety of romance, crime, and a bit of paranormal suspense. I've actually started reading one of them, a romance book, but I don't want to continue reading it anymore because I started to really loathe most of the characters, hahaha. So now, I'm trying again, this time, crime.

I still have some unread books in my physical shelf as well, some of them I acquired during the MIBF 2017 (shame on me, I haven't read them) and I really want to finish reading them all.

More Books to Write

For this, I know I need a lot of self-discipline, and the urge to write the things in my head. Right now, I am preparing for the book I'll be releasing next month, something that took me a little over a year to finish. I also have at least three plots in my parking plot waiting to be worked on, so I have to gear up a lot of strength to fight the spirit of stalling and procrastination to get things done! lol

More Places to Visit

This is something trickier, because I still do not have the confidence to travel alone (life with chronic illness sucks sometimes). But hey, maybe there's always that one friend who'd be willing to tag along with me! As a matter of fact, I just planned a weekend getaway, somewhere that's almost near but super away from the bustling streets of the metro. Wanna know where it is? Always make sure to follow me in my social media pages so you'd know. And yeah, I'd also be writing about it and post it right here in my blog.

More Food to Try

I'm the girl who likes to eat. I know there are other girls out there who find eating so much fun! This year, I want to explore more and new places that serve good food (and coffee!) Well, I really do hope there's gonna be more invites to the food tasting and restaurant openings for me. I don't charge for an honest blog post, just lemme eat your food for free! Lol

More People to Meet

I am a people person. I love meeting new people. I hope this year brings in more people in my life, ones that, you know, who'd actually stay (drama?).

What do you plan to accomplish this 2018? Let's talk about it in the comments section.


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