Book Binge Bazaar: Book Hauls and Tips To A Hassle-Free Shopping

Saturday, February 10, 2018

National Book Store's first ever Book Binge Bazaar is currently happening and I am so glad I was able to drop by during its first day yesterday. I found some interesting books on Goodreads, and I thought maybe I could get them at the bazaar since the book store claims that most books are only for Php175.00.

As expected, the crowd looked intolerable. I have been to MIBFs for the past three years, and this looked just like that. I mean, who's in their right mind who'd say no to books priced for more than half of its original price, right?

It wasn't an utmost disappointment really, that I wasn't able to find the titles I was looking for, because I still got some books that should definitely be in my shelf. And yes, I am really super excited to read all of them. But then they would have to wait, because my TBR  list just got out of hand and I have no idea how it happened.

Below are the books I've got. (Uhmm, can you also follow me on Instagram please? Thanks!)

So, how did I survive the crowd and the long lines at the check out counter. Hear out my simple tips:

Get ready as early as possible. The mall opens at ten a.m, and if it is possible for you to be there minutes before that, the better. Remember that you're going to a complete bargain sale, and naturally, a lot of people will take advantage of it. Have a mean breakfast before you go, too - you'd need your strength as you carry the books you've bought while waiting in line.

List down the books you want to buy. The books are arranged according to price - Php75, Php175, Php275. Most YA books are at the Php175 price range (all of them actually). It might be hard for you to locate the titles you want to buy in the sea of books (maybe this is what happened to me) but it is still best if you already know what you're looking for. This will make your shopping a lot easier.

Allot a certain budget and STICK TO IT! The challenge to this is just too REAL! Sticking to my allotted budget has always been my problem, all thanks to the great temptation of all these good books. Thankfully, this time, I didn't go over, but then it might be because most books on my list are not available or I couldn't find them.

Bring a sturdy bag to place all your books. This is the practice I've been doing ever since I discovered the fun in shopping. It's pretty convenient to have your own ecobags for your purchases because you don't have to spend more for packaging. Plus, if you're aiming a zero waste shopping, then this is certainly a must!

The Book Binge Bazaar is still happening now on SM Megamall at the Megatrade Hall 3, and it's gonna be happening until tomorrow. Don't forget to catch them and save yourself a good read!

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Beth G.

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