Mula Sa Buwan still breaks my heart after a year

Facebook just reminded me that today, one year ago, I saw Mula sa Buwan. It was the first musical I've seen last year, and the one that still affects me until today. I'm not sure if it was because of the fact that Ultimate Crush saw it too and we both like it, or because Nicco Manalo was a super magnificent Cyrano. But I know for a fact that the songs seared a mark in my head and in my heart, making sure I wouldn't forget about them for a long time.

The CD was sold during its February shows and some of the songs were also released on Spotify not so long ago. Believe me when I say that these songs effectively motivated me to finish the book that I'm writing (more about this later). Though I love listening to the entire album, there are a few songs that made it to my mixtape, the always-on-repeat playlist.

1. Ikaw. Imagine being compared to the beautiful sunrise - so warm and bright (uhmm, did I just quote a Moffatts song?) Lovely and heartwarming, right? Can't say anything further.

2. Awit ni Roxane. The powerful voice of KL Dizon gives my stomach the feels like it has a thousand butterflies, as it gives life to the words that define how I feel when Ultimate Crush acts like the feeling is mutual (duh, I know I'm imagining things but it's a colorful world, so).

3. Tinig sa Dilim. This song sounds like mixed pop and kundiman, and brings me back to the time when boys pursue girls by singing songs of endless devotion under the windows (it's called harana here in my country). The lyrics also talks about keeping love a secret, like when you're secretly pining for someone you know who can never be yours. Ouch!

4. Ang Sabi Nila. This one's a heart-wrenching song that talks about someone's unwillingness to get over a lost love. And I figured it's because moving on is much easier said than done.

If Mula sa Buwan is going to have a rerun, I'd watch over and over it because it's just heartbreakingly splendid. And it won't matter if my heart breaks over and over too, because the pieces are surely gonna fall in the right places. I figured through this show that there's nothing more romantic than the Filipino language. Well, there's Salome's "isalaysay mo sa akin kung paanong lumipas sa iyo ang maghapon. Marinig ko lamang ito sa iyong mga labi ay para na rin akong nakipagsaya sa inyo." (describe it to me just how your day went. Just hearing it from you would be as if I was there having fun with you." I did my most accurate translation but I still like the Filipino version) from Noli Me Tangere's missing chapter, but still. And yes, maybe I could ask Ultimate Crush if we could watch it together. Teehee


  1. I can understand what that’s like. Even though I truly fell in love with Les Mis five years ago, it still breaks my heart each time I see either the stage show or movie or dvd of the 25th anniversary concert and still makes me tear up. How on earth on a musical make you get the same feeling over and over again and that is part of the thrill of musical theatre. I still discover new things about Les Mis, but yet it still breaks my heart but in a beautiful.

  2. Not all musicals break my heart. But the heartbreaking ones have an incredible beautiful nature. Last year, I was an emotional wreck twice: I saw both Rent and Les Mis and they made me an emotional wreck watching them but still had a positive experience

  3. Maybe because it's something that we can't experience through other things, dunno. But yeah. It breaks the heart in a beautiful way, them musicals.


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