When I've finally watched Sa Wakas

Cheaters have no right to be happy.

I'm not bitter, okay? I'm just triggered by the cliche yet mainstream storyline Sa Wakas presented. This Pinoy rock musical was actually shown last year, and I could no longer remember the reason why I missed it. Thankfully, there's a farewell run this year where I finally took the opportunity to see it and decide whether it was really worth raving about. The show I've seen had Vic Robinson instead of Pepe Herrera. Both actors are equally great, I think. They played the role of Topher (did I spell it right?) the great, cheating scum.

sa wakas musical

The music is great, no questions asked. Sugarfree is one of the OPM bands whose music conquered the FM stations across the country, and it heavily reminded me of my graveyard shift nights when I'd listen to the radio on the bus and in cabs. There were songs I didn't even know were sung by them. No, I didn't necessarily have them on my playlist since my playlist consists of hits from twenty years ago, but I got heartbroken when there wasn't a CD merch aside from the #SaWaKit that costs a whopping Php2000. Maybe I'm just gonna have to download the songs on Spotify.

Then there's the story. Maybe I don't need to talk about the story being too common as most of us have probably seen it in different forms - movies, novels, TV series and maybe even in real life. I don't need to talk about cheating as something that's always been justified by lack of time, lack of connection, lack of enough affection and maybe even the lack of benefit. And although the actors were super great (I love Vic Robinson for his magnificent performance), for some reason I couldn't find the chemistry between him and his ladies. One friend who also watched the show and saw Pepe Herrera said he felt the same. Maybe they looked too good to be cheating their girlfriends, I don't know.

sa wakas musical

Sa Wakas left me a mark, for I didn't know it told the story of one of my friends. And who knows, maybe it's also the story of that woman I rode with in the elevator a few days ago. And hell, yes. It was my story too.