Jollibee's Ube Pie is My New Favorite

Batang Jollibee here!

Yep, I was one of the kids who craved for Jollibee back in the day, though I always preferred the burger steak and palabok while everyone wants their Chicken Joy and spaghetti (and this happens until now). And I should say Jollibee has become my go-to fast food whenever I wanna feel nostalgic vibes in order to get that suspended novel going. Talk about comfort and homey feels.

Anyway, Jollibee (not so) recently launched their newest product and I didn't think something would beat the savory tuna pie as one of my favorite Jollibee desserts. And yes, it's the Ube Pie. I have been looking for an opportunity to try this out I am overly excited and yesterday was finally the chance!

Ube jam is something that I'd always ask someone to bring me back when they go to Baguio (well, apart from the snowballs and strawberries). I'd either put it in bread or eat it as it is - but Jollibee has given me more than that! My excitement about this Ube Pie was too overwhelming it was too dangerous if I'd be disappointed, but heaven knows I was so happy with this ultimate dessert. The not-too-sweet purple yam and the buttery taste of the pie were too flavourful when combined which made it perfect not only for dessert but also, for an afternoon snack (well if it's a morning or midnight snack I guess it's still awesome). Now, who needs to go to Baguio for my ube jam when an ube pie is available practically next door?

I brought some back in the office and thought how good it'll be along with coffee or tea. I tried it with tea, and it's super amazing!

Okay, it's official! Jollibee Ube Pie is my new favorite thing. I can eat it at various times everyday. Maybe I should try it today with coffee.

What is your favorite jam? Something that makes you feel lime you're home even when you're not there really? Tell me about it in the comments section down below.