August is almost gone, how are we doin’?

by - August 24, 2018

It's been a couple of months (or almost?) since I restarted this thing and I didn't know what happened. I spent the past weeks wondering what to do, or what to write, or if the things I've been doing are even worth sharing. Until these wonderings and all my self-doubt forming effectively kept me from actually doing something in order to pursue this little project, which isn’t fun at all. Sorry if it has taken me so long, but here I am now, so ready to tell you the things I'd rather share over cups of coffee.

On writing: One of my books, I Still... turned three this month! I can't believe time really flew that fast. I launched it along with the other amazing authors who finished the JustWritePH workshop (and I remember my surgery was postponed because of that!), and was included in the For Love bundle. Although, this anniversary didn't turn out to be such a huge biggie and let me tell you why. I never made the book available in print... at least not yet. But I am working on it again, doing some tweaks to the story and relaunch it as a standalone thing.

On reading: Books have been my greatest indulgence and ultimate happiness (alongside my cup of coffee, or course!) and I am so glad that I am reading again. The absence of my reading life over the past months felt catastrophic, and I can't wait to write about the great books I've read recently.

About the town: I really want to attend that event called Coffee and Conversations organized by the Romance Writers of the Philippines. It's gonna be on September 8 and participants are supposed to roam around Escolta and talk on how to go about writing historical romance. Neat, right? It's just that, that same day is also gonna be my best friend’s wedding and of course, this is already a non-negotiable thing. 

Other projects: Since I've become an office babe, my lifestyle has changed completely. Bad habits are starting to form, from lack of sleep because of traffic otherwise just to keep up with my other shenanigans like watching Kdrama to endless days of fastfood meals. But new regime has begun last week. From last week forward, I’ve been preparing my meals at work. I am attempting to follow this diet best for MG patients and I can’t wait to see the results. I believe it’s ideal to make MG meals for the entire day everyday, but that is just a huge leap I’m not gonna be able to do it yet and we have to start somewhere. Please follow my IG page @bethgstories to see my everyday lunch. And of course, you’re welcome to comment and criticize me all you want, but then keep it light and happy. 

Speaking of being an office babe, it saddens me to realize that most things I enjoy doing have been greatly affected. I still can't believe that the Ang Huling El Bimbo Musical slipped of my head and I love musicals. What's going on with me?

Do you have something to tell me? Comment them down below or shoot me an email if you’d rather keep it private. 

Beth G. 

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