I watched Mula Sa Buwan the second time around and my heart still breaks

I didn’t have plans of watching it again – Mula sa Buwan broke my heart the first time I saw it, though I should say it threw the pieces in the right places. But I loved everything about it, from the songs (Tinig sa Dilim for the win!) to the actors, as well as the experience and the feelings it gave me in all life aspects. Talk about being attacked on a personal level. And I must say this play has left me with a bittersweet memory I’d never forget in my lifetime. So when I saw their Facebook announcement that they are going to do one final run on December 1st, I took it as a sign that I must see it one last time.

I told my friends that the 2018 version was better than that of the 2017. Though now I’ve thought it through, I could no longer decide whether it was true or it’s just that, the experience was better this time around. What I saw last weekend was the same Cyrano – Nicco Manalo couldn’t have done it more perfectly than he did. The Christians I saw were different, I like both Edward Benosa and Myke Salomon though I could barely remember how Ed did it really (it’s been more than a year, forgive me). Gab Pangilinan gave me the chills when she finally performed Ang Sabi Nila, but not the way KL Dizon made me cringe and cry and feel like someone was really dead. Hey, I love Gab, too, don’t get me wrong. Especially when she gives life to the #romanceclass MCs along with Jef. And Rosanna, what can I say more about her?

The story broke my heart, and I guess everyone who saw it would say the same. It was a sad love story, unrequited, unsaid and lost. It was also a story of defiance. Roxane told the priest that she should be married to the man she truly loved instead of the one who was pursuing her. The cadets fought bravely during the war. Cyrano went back and forth to the woman he loved the most just to send his devotion despite of the danger that awaited him, or the fact that the woman was already owned by someone else. The world has clearly changed after the war and yet they weren’t keen to embrace it. Roxane chose to grieve forever, refusing to take off the shroud of emptiness that prevented her to see through her best friend’s heart. All these broke my heart and made it whole again. I cried again, during that last scene with Cyrano and Roxane. This time, harder.

I really hope this wouldn’t be the last time they run the show. The entire experience was too violent yet too sweet and I would love to spend more just to get that feeling again, and I’m not even kidding. Mula sa Buwan will always have that special spot in my heart reserved for Filipino musicals.