Things to ponder on after watching Captain Marvel (p.s. I'm not a fan)

Comicbooks are expensive--at least that's what I believed growing up, so I left them to the more privileged kids. Besides, I've had my own share of excellent childhood memories. The past few years have been cruelly advanced though, and while most people my age get all hyped up and excited in social media about the upcoming sci-fi films based on the comicbooks they religiously followed over the years, I don't have a single clue about what's going on (thankfully I don't feel like an idiot because I know I don't have to). So when I received the email announcing we're going to watch Captain Marvel last Thursday as a treat from the office (they do this every month), I reluctantly hit the Yes, I'm going! button. And I hit it because who says no to free popcorn and hotdogs and Coke?

I perfectly understand that I'm in no position to talk about how marvelous or superb the movie adapatation, or even how accurate it is. So this is not exactly a review, but basically the things I reflected as I went to bed the night I saw the movie.

1. The past is important, because it would help us determine who we are and why we do the things we do.

2. The things you were told might not be entirely true. Sometimes, they are ALL lies. And sometimes, by people you trusted the most.

3. It doesn't hurt to give people second chances (within reason, of course!)

4. It doesn't hurt to listen to reason.

5. If your head has become too noisy of all your thoughts, anxieties and questions, stop for a moment and listen to your heart.

6. A true friend will always bring you back home.

7. Believing you can is the best weapon you can use when someone is belittling you.

8. Things become warm and cozy and nice when you're surrounded by the right bunch of people/species.

9. Computers and communicators in the '90s aren't as high end as what we have these days, but that decade was super cool and fun!

10. Not all superheroes wear capes. There are also who wear suits and some of them also have boobs, a vagina and a brain.

Enjoy the movie!