I wrote I Still… in 2015, during the very first writing workshop I attended, #JustWritePH. This was by far the most generous workshop I attended, because it was free and didn’t require me anything but to attend the live session and it’s only if I wanted to ask questions to the speakers. The speakers were also great,  including Liana Smith-Bautista, Ria Lu of Komikasi, Mina Esguerra of #romanceclass, Ines Bautista-Yao of Summit Magazines—just to name a few. In this workshop I learned about loglines, narrative elements, the importance of beta readers, editing, publication, and even how to pick the right cover for your book. All of this while we were writing our story which we would eventually launch in its digital format as an output of the workshop.

i still elizabeth galit

This book is technically the second book published under my name, followed by Come and Rescue Me which would be released October that same year. I could still remember how many nights I spent trying to somehow perfect the story. Nicole helped me formulate the plot, I Googled some songs that would sit well with story, Kim chatted me incessantly telling me I could do more than a 5000-word short story. It was also the first time I would write a full-blown story in English, so I had to be confident about grammar and stuff, because I didn’t have professional editing services back then because it’s expensive. Needless to say, I finished the story in 25,000 words in more or less than a month.

Last night I tried to edit the original manuscript. I added some more scenes and polished the grammar to make it somehow socially acceptable. I never had this book in print, so I plan to do that (after making sure it goes under the scrutiny of professional editing) plus put it in Amazon, because I’m not sure if Buqo still exists (it’s the book shopping app where we published the books and the last time I checked it was no longer on Google Play). Give the love and attention it deserves, because I cannot say how much fun I had when I wrote this book.

Here are some facts about the book:

Book Cover Design and Illustration: Gilbert Allan Galit – message me if you want to work with him! J

Where to read it: It’s published in Wattpad right now, for a limited time. Don’t forget to follow me.

Fun Fact: Denmark in real life was killed in a motorcycle accident. I don’t know him in person.

I’ll tell more on my writing and publishing journey in my future entries. Also, I am thinking of changing the title of this book. Do you have any suggestions?