2020 reading challenge (for all types of readers)

Every year I challenge myself to read at least 20 books - and each year, I've failed. Last year I only read 12, but I decided not to be hard on myself because I read Insurrecto for six weeks (or maybe more!) and anyone who has read it would understand where I'm coming from. Plus, 2019 was a tiring year that I didn't have the all the energy in the world to pick up a book, read through the work nights and write a review (yes, I try to write a review of the books I've read and post it here - it means a lot to the author, I promise). This year, I'm not supposed to have goals, but now it feels like I am kidding myself because I perfectly know I am a goal digger to begin with. So once again, I challenged myself to read twenty books. And this time, with a twist.

Fully Booked's 2020 reading challenge

Fully Booked has created a reading challenge for 2020, and this is much more sophisticated than me just finding the time to finish reading twenty books of any genre. Now I have to actually scour through my shelf of un-reads and Goodreads to find the book that fits the criteria. 

I read two books in January, and I didn't want to disregard them. So I searched for an item where they fit in the Fully Booked's list.

A book with a Pantone Classic Blue cover - Written in the Stars

A book with an animal in the title - Raymie Nightingale, Kate DiCamillo

A coming-of-age story - Not That Kind of Girl, Siobhan Vivian

A book with multiple first person narrator - Rant, Chuck Palaniuk

A book on someone's life story - Medium Raw, Anthony Burdain

I'm not big into following rules (I make my own, lol), so I might not strictly follow the list. On the other hand, the list is a helpful guide on what book I should buy next. Oh wait, I said I'm not buying any books this years but then I also remember buying a couple of titles from Instagram last week.

Are you also reading/have read one of the books in my initial list? Let's talk about it down below. 


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