On bullet journaling: Hello, September!

Oh yes, it's September and my favorite season of the year is fast approaching (can you hear the bells???) This year's Christmas might be a little different though, as there'd be no simbang gabi, and I doubt if there's ever gonna be puto bumbong and bibingka on the streets. Sure, there's bibingka and puto bumbong on Facebook Marketplace but eating them on the streets at dawn with your friends and the cool breeze reminds you that it's just less than 9 days before Christmas is different. Extra. A little magical.

Anyway, we're still three months away though (the pandemic is over by then, who knows), and I should be writing about my bullet journal's September spread. It's not that different from my July spread which was pink and girly, it's just that my August spread has become my least favorite. I mean, it's cute in its own way, I used some green and yellow to experiment but maybe the colors didn't suit me and it gets a little distracting at times. So yes, I went back to my usual standard color and it made me feel like I am totally back on track.

Just like the other months, I don't have much plans for September. Three people in the family (including my childhood best friend) is celebrating their birthdays. Kream is celebrating her wedding anniversary and for sure we won't have dinner celebration. Though I presume the Sunday bible sharing at home would still continue. It's the feast day of our patron saint, San Lorenzo, but again, a more quiet celebration will definitely take place. I've got a couple of books to read and hopefully, I could finish them within this month. Oh and yeah, I am working on a new project - I just started my YouTube channel and I just uploaded the video on how I made my September bullet journal spread. :D It's not the first ever video I uploaded, and I still lack the editing skills since I'm only using InShot on my phone but so what? I'm still glad that I was able to start something that I've always wanted to do.

The habit tracker is my most favorite part of my journal, as it allows me to analyze my sleep pattern and my mood, and see if there's any corelation between them. Am I extra grumpy when I lack sleep, or maybe a little bit more elated since a late night meant an intense Kdrama (though I haven't watched anything yet after It's Okay Not To Be Okay because I always feel so damn tired in the evening for some reason)?Also, I don't really want to admit this, but I've never opened my Hangul lessons this month (read: NEVER). I plan to go back to my July routine though, where I spent 30 minutes to an hour everyday to learn new words, and track them in this page too.

If I am a Kdrama buff by night, I am a Kpop junkie by day - so naturally I'd leave some space for the songs most listened too (or maybe my newly discovered song - Blackpink+Selena's Ice Cream is awesome), along with the books I've read. I plan to write down my favorite lines of the songs here, along with the book quotes that catch my attention.

It really feels like it was only yesterday when I decided to dive in and take the risk into starting a bullet journal, and now I look at myself and here I am, four months into the end of the sucky 2020. Still journaling, still writing down the things I do every single day, noting how I feel, marking every milestone so I'd remember. If you started your bullet journal this year and still you were able to keep it until now, congratulations, to both you and me. <3

Keep safe. Stay sane!

Watch Kdramas!