And just like that, it's December

I see it's been more than a month since the last time a wrote an entry, but it didn't feel like it. Just when I promised myself I'd update this space more, but then again I am at times a disappointment to myself. But maybe I just have nothing to say. Or maybe what I wanted to say didn't matter, or maybe it's an unpopular opinion. And I am here now because, in the end, I really don't care about oversharing what's going on with my life. 

Bullet journaling is still on, but I can't wait to start on a new notebook and be more creative.

I stopped my The Sunday Currently saga, just because I am too lazy couldn't keep up. I have a lot of things to do on Sundays including laying in bed until late in the morning, listening to the Kpop CDs I hauled thru this cute player I bought from Shopee, straightening up my room a bit because in the afternoon my friends are gonna come over and we'll do bible sharing over cups of coffee - and I am holding on to this very dearly because it makes me feel like I am still connected to the outside world as I haven't gone out of the house since March. Plus, I got two freelance jobs - one client even asked me if I enjoy doing the job he gave me and that was the first time I was asked such question and I am crying. I love both my new freelance jobs as they are what I've always wanted to do and I couldn't be more grateful. If there's a thing or two I've learned throughout my career life, it's (1) it doesn't matter how much money it pays you, if the people you work with suck, it sucks! (2) you'd learn to love what you do along the way if the people around you are fun to be with. Believe me on this because I learned the hard way. I didn't just get used to customer insults and curses over the phone those years I worked in the customer service industry. I endured it because my friends and I could make fun of the experience after the call and forget about it all together.

Anyway, my Kdrama backlog is piling up yet again - I was meaning to watch Her Private Life (Minyoung's fangirling shenanigans caught my attention) but CNBLUE dropped the bomb and did a come back without warning. Yes, I'm a covid-era fan and I am excited just like the old fans because why not? Re-code is amazing and I can't wait for the CD (they should be arriving today as I write this) but I'm more honest I'm really more excited about the photobooks. Yonghwa, Minhyuk, and Jungshin are funny men in their 30s who also have the same fears and anxiety just like all of us and their 2-episode variety show proves this. I really hope they release a group lightstick too! 

Yonghwa is on the next page... <3

that CD player I got from Shopee, 1 Billion Views and 7CN

Oh and yeah, I am writing Christmas stories! Well, sort of. Stories because I plan to produce a compilation of short stories, and the goal is to finish the entire draft before December ends. I am done with the first story and I am thinking of putting it on Wattpad because again, why not? It's fanfic for now featuring EXO but I swear to change the names when the fun dies down. But who am I kidding. Of course the fun in that never ends!

Please be safe out there! Stay sane.