Another JDrama review: Perfect Crime

Here's to another Dori Sakurada drama review.

We stan cute villain leads!

After the cringe-y Coffee and Vanilla I wanted more of him to see when I'd finally stop drooling over him if he's really a good actor because I'm not gonna lie, cringe-y or not, his acting in that drama was great, along with the other actors. Anyway, Perfect Crime made it up for the previous drama's lack of execution and logic and lived up to the expectations that Love Lasts Forever has set. Although it felt sad and I ached for some of the characters, I'm glad that I decided to watch it. 

What's the story about

Okay, this is such a tangled affair that I may need a diagram to explain it perfectly. While all of the characters are essential to the story, it starts with four people - Kaori Maejima (Reina Triendl), Haruto Shinonome (Dori Sakurada), Takuma Fuyuki (Hidekazu Mashima), and Miwa Fuyuki (Lee Ayumi). 

Miwa started going out with Haruto, but in the middle of their relationship, she decides she loves Takuma more than Haruto and went with him back to Tokyo, leaving Haruto behind, hurt and bleeding. Miwa marries Takuma. Meanwhile, Takuma starts having an affair with Kaori, his subordinate. When Haruto finds out about this, he flies from New York to Tokyo and vowed to use his "charm" to destroy Kaori, allowing Miwa, the love of his life, to take back her happy married life. 

Girls, we always have a choice  

I never understood the satisfaction that women get from having an affair with a married man. Kaori is perfectly aware that her boss, Takuma is married, yet she still continues sinning with him. She's a beautiful woman, accomplished, and not just your average employee - she's a freaking amazing interior designer. Was it the lack of love? Does she feel so empty and horny that she's willing to sleep with any man who shows her affection (although this might not be the case because one of her guy colleagues is obviously interested in her)? Does she need validation? But then again, whatever it was, I'm pretty sure she can find it somewhere else. 

Likewise, you won't go running to your ex when you're fully aware that he hasn't gotten over you after you got married to someone else. No, you just don't call him while he's still vulnerable and trying to get over you and tell him you figured "he might be feeling lonely." Girl, that's just cruel and selfish. Stop giving mixed signals to people who just got broken by you.

She looks like a doll.

Villain leads are the relatable ones

I bleed for the villain leads - their backstories are often too painful to warrant revenge and turn into a monster (hi, Joker!). Haruto's plan of destroying Kaori in his hands is quite heartless, all because he wants the person who broke him to still be happy. It was sad and at the same time confusing, but of course, human emotions are complex. I wanted to grab him by the arm and tell him the best revenge is be happy so please be happy with me so forget about Miwa and just live happily with Kaori. I must say Dori Sakurada did pretty well in portraying a pained character who wanted to exude cruelty and indifference but in the end, his soft side, warm, caring, and loving prevailed.

And the smut scenes, ooh the smut scenes are just way too perfect I want them to appear in one of my books. 

Boys, for once stop being shitty

I do not hate Takuma Fuyuki. I loathe him. I loathe every fiber of his being. He claims that he had no idea that Miwa and Haruto were going out when he ran away with her. Okay, maybe that's true. But to justify his scumbagness of a cheater and saying he loved Miwa and Kaori both, that's totally unforgivable. I just couldn't make sense of it. Dude, you are a married man, okay. As I write this maybe there's a reason for Kaori that I can low-key forgive - maybe she feels threatened because Takuma is her boss and she had no idea what to do first so she just said yes and eventually got used to their illicit affair which is sick that I don't want to even imagine it. Their love scenes are just outright disgusting, knowing that they are just stolen moments.

And Ono-san... Yukiya Ono, what is your business controlling Kaori in your own way? Why instill false belief in Kaori in your favor? I totally agree with what you did in the end but please know you are disgusting af until that grand gesture. 

In conclusion

Perfect Crime is supposedly a story of revenge, but it appeared to be a little too soft in that area that it just ended up being a story of passion. It effed me up, in a lot of ways and in all the right places so I'd take it as a good sign and say I enjoyed the drama. Should you watch it? Well, I told my friends to give it a chance because it has a good substance. I mean, Hitori could have just allowed Miwa to suffer the same way he did by letting the cheating be, but no. I guess he has a different logic and I think that's the angle that I would want to explore. All in all, it kept me up all night, too. 

Sometimes, a happy ending is all we need.