On support systems, sleepless nights, and feeling alive

Reading for pleasure implies the existence of reading for pain, and I wonder if there's something in between. I have been reading books that are supposed to tell me how to do my job well, and they're teaching me a lot. And I've come to think of it, it's been so long since the last time a boss required me to read books that'd help me handle my job more efficiently (it was in a law firm during my college internship) and I think all bosses should do the same. I mean, jobs shouldn't only be just about work and earning money. It should also be about learning and getting all the support you need to become a better employee. And to become a better person. 

I've finished reading one of the books before the weekend. It was awesome and the bosses answered all my questions about the things I didn't quite understand. There are two more but I plan to read something else in between. And it's not reading for pleasure or reading for pain. Just plain reading because this girl used to like to read a lot but somehow the books lost their appeal to me and now I am trying to chase that back. I do not believe in writer's block but reader's block? That thing is effin' damn real! I really wish I could start reading again because somehow, my Kdrama indulgence is slowly coming back. 

Except that it wasn't Kdrama that I watched over the weekend. They were Jdramas and there are two of them I finished watching (reviews are coming so please wait for it). I think the beauty of Jdramas lies in the fact that there are only 10 episodes at 30 minutes each, so I can finish a single drama in one sitting. Plus, the choices are between spending the night with Dori Sakurada and sleeping, so of course, I chose to sleep at 3:30 in the morning. 

Except for when there's a surprise Jung Yong Hwa gif on your feed and you share it with a chatroom consisting of single ladies who also happen to still be awake, then sleeping at around 4:30 a.m. and being completely useless the next day is an easy feat.

Sunday lunch is unli samgyup with Kim - Sugar is on house arrest due to suspicion of covid and is yet to be released tomorrow. Then there are a lot of discussions about mythology and thesis writing, comparative analyses of podcasts, and maybe a little bit of a rant about how people can be total idiots and pathological liars, all over New York cheesecake, mocha frappe and double-tall hot caramel macchiato courtesy of the ever famous symbol of consumerism Starbucks. And yep, it rained outside but we didn't care. We just went back to that drizzling evening and we ate cup noodles at 7-Eleven behind Shangri-La Plaza at 11:30 just because it's a Friday. 

As I write this entry, I feel grateful. Thankful for the reminder there are many things that can happen in a single weekend if only I give myself a chance to do them. Now I feel like I am myself again. Better. Alive. 

What are you thankful for this weekend?

Someday, the moon will envy us too because finally, we're together.