Proof of life and other small things of absolute importance

Okay, time to quit ignoring this space.

It's been a little over two months and many things have happened. I left my job (yet again) and have been skipping interviews. I have a new celebrity crush. I have a newfound obsession with hotpots. I just became a certified author and editor. I decluttered my room. Life definitely feels uncertain, just like everyone else feels and maybe we've all been feeling this since two years ago. 

Oh yes, I quit my job, and my bosses were all gone before I even left. It was a graceful exit and it was one of my awesome work experiences while it lasted. I learned a lot of things, gained new skills, and made me ready to assume new and exciting roles. Like Pat said, I am ready for mature roles. Maybe I am, and when I get the chance to perform them, I promise to slay every moment of it (big word!). But for now, I am taking a little break. I am carefully considering all my options and skipping interviews when I feel like the offer isn't right for me. I guess there's nothing wrong with that. 

I never enjoyed funemployment until now, when there's TikTok and YouTube and Asian dramas are a thing. Facebook says that for the past two years, I have had a new celebrity crush around September, apart from my Korean boys. There's Takeru Sato in 2020 when I saw Love Lasts Forever and Dori Sakurada in 2021 when I saw Coffee and Vanilla. This year it's Wei Zhe Ming, the guy that's recently hanging out on my IG feed. Kdramas imitate life too closely these days that I embarked on the search for something light and funny. Something that'll encourage me to dream again. Something that would give me sleepless nights in exchange for toe-curling satisfaction. And surprise, surprise - Chinese dramas were there to my rescue. Unforgettable Love IS really unforgettable I watched the entire series not only twice but three times, that and Perfect and Casual alternately. 

Watching Asian dramas is no longer just entertainment for me. It has long ago become some sort of cultural immersion. Look at their food, for instance. People who follow my social media pages know how consumed I am with samgyupsal and ramen, and now I am haunted by Dr. Qin's hotpot fixation. Korean barbecue is always the best when there is something to celebrate. Ramen consoles my soul on a rainy day, or at the end of a particularly long workday. Hotpot reminds me that life is flavorful and that eating it during a midweek workday is totally fine because 火锅真好.

But I didn't just watch Asian dramas and scrolled mindlessly on social media. I also prepared some documents and compiled all of my previous works in editing and writing fiction to get certified by the National Book Development Board. While I do not fully understand what being certified actually means (lol), I suppose I can increase my editorial rates, even just for a bit. 

Compiling all my previous editorial works meant rummaging through my bookshelf and taking pictures of the fiction books I worked on, and while on it, I decided to relieve my shelf of the books that no longer "spark joy". Books that I've outgrown. Books that I really didn't enjoy. Books that I said I will read but got stuck in the back corner of the shelf collecting dust. Those books deserve better, in the hands of someone who'll be more appreciative of what they have to offer. On the shelf where they're more than welcome to stay for a long time. Same with my closet. I removed the things that I no longer wear, dresses that no longer fit, and pajamas that are no longer as colorful as the time when I first bought them.

And I am going to find a new home for them. 

I pray that life has been good for you, too.  

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