Creative reset

Funny how it took me almost a year to put down my overused phone and do something to rekindle my passion for art. Kdramas these days require a lot of braining and my non-practicing intellectual self would not be able to meet that requirement. Ebooks are a godsend, but the more of them I get, the lesser my interest in even opening them because I didn't even spend a single dime on them so why bother? So what does the girl suppose to do when all else fails?

Right, go back to start. 

I can confidently say that my call center years were also my best years in movies. Watching American shows has been our requirement since day one to sharpen our English listening skills. I remember getting off the MRT Central Station on Saturday mornings to rummage through the piles of pirated DVDs from the lined-up pop-up stores and get a couple of new movies or more because it was my last shift of the week and there was no need to sleep early in the midmorning. Fun times. But then I'd also go to the cinema with my then-college student brother and it was easily one of the best memories we had as we were growing older. 

Hunting for books was a bit trickier. There weren’t many resources and pirated copies were a challenge to procure. So I'd go to Booksale or BestSellers and would scrabble around in aisle after aisle of fiction and romance that could potentially relieve my literary cravings. Fun times too. Plus, I knew I had to read the books I bought because one, they cost a lot of money, and two, I spent my day off of work to find those gems. 

Now let's snap back to the present. 

So over the long weekend, I did the same. I searched for movies, shows, and fiction that interest me. But it's much easier now, with Tiktok recommendations that offer movie scene cuts that continuously torment me to just search and watch the full movie instead of hating the account owner for slicing the videos despite the 10-minute video feature of the app. And here's some of everything I've indulged in so far. 

TV Series - House MD Season 1

I've posted a few of my thoughts about this series. I know I am super late to the party but who cares? I am so far enjoying its far-from-most-medical-drama-I've-seen-so-far vibe. It does not require a lot of braining but it does offer a lot to think about morality, ethics, and just being a good human being in general.  

Movie - The Help

This movie, set in the 60s is interesting. Another Tiktok recommendation, probably because of the "eat my shit" spectacle, it was the first movie I decided to watch from my not-so-massive Notion list. It kinda reminds me of Dakota Fanning's The Secret Life of Bees, one of the movies I saw in my Saturday morning sessions in the late 2000s. I think I need to rewatch that masterpiece too. 

Manga - Shojo Kon ~Kohinata Fuufu wa Shite Mitai

Manga was never on my list of interests, until now (unless True Beauty can be counted despite the fact that it's a webtoon and I think there's a difference). I read this Saturday morning before I even had my coffee, and boy oh boy, did that made me fully awake? Its uncensored smut is just too massive that I thought I would need another round in the confession room again. And yes, I also saw it on Tiktok.  

Book - All The Lovers in the Night

I still have a few chapters to read from this book. It has been sitting on my bookshelf since January and I know at some point I need to finish reading, along with the other books collecting dust on my TBR list. It's a Japanese novel about a proofreader (no, it's not about me okay?), another character-based story and I guess I am starting to love this kind of format in fiction. 

I plan to write full reviews on them within the next few days. I have a whole Notion spreadsheet of other things I want to read and watch and I am excited to see them all.

Do you have any plans for a creative reset? Let's talk about it.