"Eat my sh*t," The Help

The movie talks about racism in the 60s - too harrowing, especially in the deep south. Hilly deserved the pie and should eat more. 

I felt sad for Abileen Clark (Viola Davis)when she couldn’t do anything else but go when she was dismissed by Hilly (Bryce Dallas Howard) on behalf of Elizabeth. It really felt extremely annoying and disgusting - Elizabeth Leefolt (Shane McRae) is a traitor to our name. The Elizabeths speak up their minds, and she could have told Hilly to stop the nonsense because she clearly felt sorry for the way her friend treated her maid, the “real mom” for Mae Mobley. Shame, that little kid looked beautifully healthy and too well taken care of.

Skeeter (Emma Stone) did good, but I’d appreciate the story more if it wasn’t for the white girl that the oppressed group of black maids had their voices heard. Granted, one of their people was slayed by the KKK (yes, it looked terrible and scary the way the movie demonstrated it) and it scared the wits out of all of them, but they already had gathered in Aibileen’s home shamelessly to tell their story. Which, just like anything else, it took someone else’s tragedy for everyone to realize that enough is enough and they need to do something if they want to get out of the hellhole they were thrown into. 

My heart goes out to all of them, and I am glad to have been born in the contemporary era, where all we need to do is protect the freedom and democracy that the old ones have fought for with their lives.

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