Shojo Kon ~Kohinata Fuufu wa Shite Mitai left me weak on my knees

Again, manga is never on my list of interests, but this one persistently lured me. 

So yes, I left my bed on a Saturday midmorning to finish this thing that same day I started it. 17 chapters after, here I am wishing there was some sort of an anime version, or a dorama version starring Dori Sakurada as Keiichirou-san.

I identify as a hopeless romantic sapiosexual and nothing else is more toe-curling that a smut story of 2 innocent virgins exploring how making love works while at the same time geeking out on how marsupials and amphibian vertebrates attempt to impress their mates, or which flowers represent passion, or how sea cucumber survived for 600 million years without brain, heart, and even lungs. Oh damn, I’d love to have that kind of late-night conversation while curled up in Kim Junmyeon’s arms, wrapped in a blanket like a cocoon.

East Asian stories create male characters that are too good to be true - drop-dead handsome, extremely considerate, and accommodating towards their ladies’ feelings. Boys in real life argue that it’s just too ideal no one’s gonna be able to meet this kind of standard. I argue that maybe, most men these days are just too lazy to make the effort and are too afraid to show their emotions because it emasculates them and they hate it. Imagine you found your man’s diary lying around and read these, wouldn't you move heaven and hell for him?

Anyway, the site says this is still an ongoing story so I’ll wait for the next chapters.

I’d love to witness how this unfolds.