House MD: Everybody lies

Just when I thought I already finished all of Season 1, I discovered that I actually missed 12 episodes. I know, I am an idiot. House MD is distinct from all the other medical dramas I’ve seen so naturally I had to know what crippled the brilliant man, what it took to be his patient, best friend, protégé, and even girlfriend.

Gregory House (Hugh Laurie) had me when he said that “everybody lies” because I am a hundred percent with him on this. People lie to feel better about themselves. We lie to people we don’t like because we want to impress them with things that aren’t true. We lie to our friends because we want to be accepted by them. We lie to our bosses because it would be unprofessional to hit them up with “No, it’s not okay for me to work on someone else’s job just because they ditched workday today.”

House MD is a pain to happen in real life. The seemingly endless, expensive, and sometimes painful diagnostic exams. The cocktails of meds pushed into your system praying to heavens it works otherwise they’re back to square one. Being told that you have this illness only to be told you have the other after you went through the 5 stages of grief. Oh yes, believe me when I say it’s emotionally, physically, and mentally draining and exhausting. I’ve been there.

If you have a friend like James Wilson (Robert Sean Leonard), never let them go. He’s accepting and non-judgmental. Plus, he’d put you in your place when necessary. He’d tell you when you’re going out of your mind, when you’re being an idiot, or even when you are doing great. He sees both the best and the worst in you yet still sides with you and chooses you when it all comes down to it.

Ed Vogler (Chi McBride) should go to hell. He’s a controlling, manipulative jerk who wants to profit from other people’s pain. There’s also a special place in there for people who enable suckers like him, and good thing Lisa Cuddy (Lisa Edelstein) came to her senses right away and realized she was losing herself and maybe her reputation over USD 100M. If you got bosses like them, run. Never look back.

Meanwhile, heartless bosses are also out there. They are cold, arrogant, and self-contained. They think they’re always right, and what’s more annoying is the fact that they are actually right most of the time. They are intellectually capable but lonely and like to keep it that way. They also choose to have no personal life so there’s nothing to pry upon. Beware of them, and never fall in love. Never say you weren’t warned.

Self-sacrificing people are hard to come by. And most of the time, they do the sacrifice because they are programmed that way and not for anything else. Kinda disappointing, because it doesn’t give you a reason to feel special.

It’s been almost 20 years since House MD first aired. Some of its fans might have already moved on to the next big hit or might have shifted their devotion to Asian dramas. Who knows? Still, here I am planning to watch all seasons because why not? I could take the arrogance of that old cripple of a man. Plus, it’s nice to see Cameron in a white coat while thinking about her mom, Snow White, who is gonna be in one of the series lined up for my next creative reset weekend. Oh and yeah, I am not forgetting Chase’s pretty face and sexy accent.

So yes, I’d spare some of my time for the next seasons. It may take me a while to finish all of the episodes but I am pretty sure it’ll be all worth it.