About Me

My friends call me Beth.

I am a writer, in general. I put into words all the things in my head -  conversations with the man I was never with, situations in my head that I know I'd never be in, the silence on lonely nights when I try to sleep, the constant battles in my head where the good [thankfully] wins most of the time, my thoughts about the dinner I just had, or the book I just read last Saturday night. I also write about the things I couldn't say or do to people outright, things that if I finally decide to say or do will definitely guarantee eternal damnation for my soul (so you wouldn't want to annoy a writer and don't say you weren't warned) and I certainly don't want that. These things and more, I put into words and write them down and make books out of them. You can see all my published works here.

But I also do other things. Aside from [also] writing SEO articles, I put stuff on websites and blogs to pay my bills. I also proofread/copyedit fiction manuscripts for printing. I read books while drinking coffee and write what I think about them on Amazon or in Goodreads or in my blog. I check out new coffee shops and see if their cupcakes and pies are tasty and instagrammably cute that they shout my name. Sometimes, I raid the makeup aisle in department stores in perpetual search of the perfect shade of lipstick, eyeliners that would stay in my eyes for as long as I need them to be there, and blushes and highlighters that would make me glow like I am the happiest girl in the world. Oh and yeah, I could also be seen in bazaars and botiques that offer sale items because that's where I normally find the cutest dresses. On good days with lots of money, I go to places I've never been in, or maybe I've been there and it's just too awesome it's a shame not to go back. I've never been out of the country but that's something I'd definitely want do in the future.

Sadly though, I couldn't wander too far all by myself, if only to make sure someone would hand me medicines if ever I couldn't get off the bed the following morning. I have myasthenia gravis, an autoimmune neuromuscular disorder. It's immobilizing because all my voluntary muscles weaken if the symptoms are triggered, usually by infections and stress. It can also be fatal, because if my breathing muscles get affected they'd also stop working. This condition is rare, but because I fight like the queen that I am (I'm Elizabeth, duh 😂), instead of sulking in the corner wondering how could an illness be God's plan for me, I helped establish a support group that would gather all the myasthenia gravis patients in the country. We currently have more than 200 members, and the organization is now called Myasthenia Gravis Samahang Pilipino. I am a member of the Board of Trustees and also, the corporate secretary. To be capable of helping other people is, I believe, a grace from God.

This blog is all about the wonders and little discoveries I encounter in life. Join me as I try to find out if my life is making sense, or maybe even feel like a story.

xoxo, Beth G.