The Bencab Museum, March 2020

My friends call me Beth, and this is my story. 

I am a published author.

I write contemporary romance both in English and in Filipino. You can find my works here.

I have passion for a lot of things.

I love coffee, books, music, art, writing, kdrama and kpop, food, tourism, skincare, makeup, sustainability, and cute dresses. I can talk about them endlessly and as passionately as possible. And since I can't force my friends to listen to me 24/7 blabbering about Yonghwa and the stories in my head that I want to make into a book someday, I go to this space. 

This blog is my stress-free writing avenue. 

This is the space where I share a little bit more about myself and all the things I love, raw and relatable. I write about my discoveries, triumphs, and fears. My adventures, failures, and tears. Because yes, I tend to overshare a lot. 


(updated 06-Dec-2020)