Pinto Art Museum, July 2021

Hello! My friends call me Beth, and this is my story. 

I am an author. I write romance stories that are the by-products of my while-in-the-shower thoughts, otherwise my "what ifs" a.k.a. the things that I imagine will happen between me and either Yonghwa or my Ultimate Crush. 

If I could talk about something for 20 minutes with no preparation and that's not related to my job, I'd talk about Jung Yong Hwa and how his song, Because I Miss You made me one of his biggest fans. I'd talk about my Ultimate Crush who may or may not have a clue about my feelings for him. I'd talk about how I love liver spread in my bread loaf, but refuse to eat liver because I can hear it screaming "I spent my entire life purifying the bloodstreams of a hog/chicken/cow and now you're going to eat me!" I'd talk about how I prefer hot americano over caramel macchiato on days when my brain is fried and I am too tired to think. I'd talk about why My Love From The Star remains my favorite Kdrama, and how CLOY and Descendants of The Sun appear a bit overrated to me now. I'd talk about how I cried ugly when I read Some Days You Can't Save Them All, and how Eleanor Rigby remains to be the book which I identify as "my life in fiction". I'd talk about how I'd like to spend a week in Seoul, the street food I plan to use a good chunk of my pocket money for, and all the embarrassment I am ready to commit just for fun. I'd talk about the museums and libraries I want to visit, and how artworks and books are my ultimate refuge when the whole world gets too crazy to live in.  I'd talk about the series of stories that linger in my head right now, stories that involve coffee, music, stars, fine arts, and cute boys. 

I do not have a lot of friends, but I can say that the few ones I've got are rare finds that I've got to keep no matter what. They are my constant source of motivation and validation, my fangirling buddies, my coffee/tea partners, my source of further knowledge and wisdom, and the ones that would come running when I call and tell them I am in trouble. And I swear to heavens I'd do the same for all of them, and more.

There's a lot of things I want to talk about. And I cannot force my friends to listen to me all day. So here's the space for all my thoughts, raw and relatable. All the things I'd talk to you about, over cups of coffee. Thank you for joining me in this adventure.