Book Creation Pricing and Services

Developmental Editing

This is where we assess your story to determine how you can improve it. Plot holes, murky dialogues, weak character developments, and other issues will be addressed during this stage.

Rate: Php0.08/word/story


In this stage, we will address your manuscript's issues, including awkward sentence structure, grammar, typo errors, choice of words, and more. 

Rate: Php0.11/word

Content Formatting

Once your manuscript is error-free, we give it one, final makeover and make it book version ready. 

Rate: Php1200/30,000 words for paperback; Php1500/30,000 words for eBook

Cover Design and Layout

Do not judge the book by its cover, they say. But in reality, we all do! Make your book stand out and let people judge it beautifully. 

Rate: Starts at Php2800

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