If I Knew Then

Nicole Alcaraz, a twenty-something entrepreneur was dragged by her brother, Dwayne, to their old ancestral house formerly owned by their grandparents. Dwayne is determined to make the house profitable, so he either sells it or makes a business out of it. As Nicole explores the house one last time, she discovers a picture of her teenage grandmother with a man she’s never seen before. Knowing her grandparents’ fairytale-like love story of love at first sight, she immediately sets out to know who the man was.

Enter Rafael “Rafa” Argota, a gorgeous chef who used to be a fact-checker abroad. He offers Nicole to help her search for the whereabouts of the “boy in the picture.” But as they dig deeper into the depths of Nicole’s family history, their feelings for each other seem to go deeper as well. The question is, are they really bound to be together? Or is it just a trap?

Cover design and layout: Gilbert Allan Galit
Photography: Nathan Hill featuring Nicole Hill

What people think about it

If I Knew Then is a light romance with a twist of mystery ...  the story got me excited as I flipped pages over and over, the fast pace thing was justified and the answers to my inquiries transpired and satisfied  Rafa's act, being an asshole,  in the tiny bit part of the story, but all in all he's so sweet, and sexy. And the best ever awesome grandson to Josefita, so I really love him na. 😂 - Arlene Manocot, Freedom, Joy and Faith