Raia leaves her job in Manila without a plan and ends up as a tour guide in Panglawan, her childhood island. Dito niya nakilala si Sebastian Aguirre, the seductively handsome bartender who owns Marahuyo—the bar by the beach where the hearts get broken and the minds get stolen. Sabi nila may sumpa daw ang Marahuyo. At marahil, totoo ang sumpa. Because as Raia steps foot into the bar, her sanity begins to slip away.

Ian, a tamawo—a supernatural being—seeks retribution for his brother's tragic love story and makes it his mission to seduce and prey upon women. Being a bartender with devilish good looks and effortless charm, sino ba naman ang hindi gugustuhing magkasala with him? But he finds himself ensnared by unexpected emotions when Hiraya QuiƱones enters his life. Despite his intentions, their connection sparks a forbidden romance that challenges both mythical secrets and family loyalties.

In a world where love and vengeance collide, will Raia and Ian find redemption or succumb to the dark forces that threaten to tear them apart?