Work with me

Hello! I am a writer by profession and I've been doing freelance work since 2015. If you need someone to work with you on the following, just send me a message so I can show you my portfolio and discuss how we can collaborate on your project!

Content Writing, Editing, Research & Social Media

If you are in search of a virtual assistant for the following, feel free to contact me so we can discuss it further.

  • blogs
  • SEO articles
  • product description
  • landing page copies
  • social media management

Book Creation

If you are also an author like me but have no idea what to do with your finished manuscript, let me help you through your road to publication!

  • editing + proofreading
  • cover design and layout
  • content formatting
  • ePub version for Amazon Kindle upload

Website Management

Working on this blog wasn't always an easy journey. I needed to think carefully about which platform is best to use, depending on my ever-changing objectives, goals, and resources throughout the years.

I am not a web developer or designer, but I can manage your website if you are using WordPress, Blogger, Wix or Drupal. If you need assistance in putting content on your site, I can also help you with that.