Right Where You Left Me

Elizabeth Galit - Right Where You Left Me

Sahara Sevilla works efficiently as an ESL instructor. Despite the fact that what she wanted was to write news and feature articles and do interviews. Regardless of what her Judgmental Titas say about her inability to do the things she’s supposed to do. Besides, she has the 100 percent support of her overprotective parents and witty friends.

One drunken night leads her to the mighty handsome Danilo Almendras, a resident neurologist who lives next door. He was smart and nice and didn't have the time to date. As much as Sahara doesn’t want to get involved with him with the little time they have together, Dan gives her the comfort and the kind of certainty she never thought she needed.

So when she got promoted to work in South Korea, she was torn. She knew it was time to be more independent and prove to The Judgmental Titas they were wrong about her all along. But is she really willing to take all that in exchange for something that’s obviously more important to her? And if she isn’t, is it even worth staying?