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January Reads
Book review: Convenience Store Woman
You Can Wind Down From Time To Time
Book review: The Nakano Thrift Shop
Weekend read: Some Days You Can't Save Them All
Book review: Broken Bard, The Path of the Pacifist
Book review: Strange Weather In Tokyo
Take me back in time: Before The Coffee Gets Cold book review
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Shadowed Truths is a book that'll make you face your truth
Pages In Between is born
2020 reading challenge: My first quarter reads
Book review: Soledad's Sister, Jose Dalisay
Book review: Dekada '70, Lualhati Bautista
Book Review: Liryo, Magtira Paolo
Book review: Right Where You Left Me, Calla Devlin
2020 reading challenge (for all types of readers)
Book review: Not That Kind of Girl, Siobhan Vivian
Book review: Raymie Nightingale by Kate DiCamillo
It all comes down to who’s By Your Side: A book review