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In 2023, we'll truly experience things

If I get to choose the one important thing that 2022 taught me, it is resilience. Two years into the pandemic and I'd think the majority have gotten over it. Businesses have opened. Restrictions have been lifted. The world is slowly bringing us back to the familiar normalcy I know so well. I get to experience the old things in uncharacteristically exciting ways. A trip to a new local coffee shop is such a major adventure. Discovering a new place to eat xiao long bao is an event to behold. The arrival of a new Kpop merch in the mail is pure bliss. Somehow, I feel like it has become easier to please myself. The long months of physical isolation must have taught me how to find happiness in the littlest of things.  One wise man said that isolation is dangerous, and I guess he is both right and wrong. Isolation kept me from contracting the virus. If there is one thing I can flex during this whole period, it's the fact that I never tested positive for Covid-19. Vaccines must have bee

In 2022, we'll rekindle our passion

If there is one thing that 2021 taught me, it's courage.  Art Sector, January This year seemed to have a good start, so I told myself that the slump must have been over. I started waking up early, going out for the first time ever since the community quarantine was implemented to do brisk walking, writing a journal, and hydrating with pretty water. Sounds like That Girl on Tiktok, right? I even planned ahead and expected that some of my WIPs will be done before the year ends. Great! This year is gonna be amazing. Better.  Except that it wasn't. The virus evolved and created many variants like it made it a mission to teach us the Greek alphabet.  Padre Pio Shrine Batangas, February Saturday Afternoon with the Minas, February Brisk walking through the fallen flowers, March But who was I to complain? I was at home, safe and sound. I was with my family. I still have a job that paid the bills and a little bit more. People are dying. Some people I know are frantically looking for a s

In 2021, we'll slowly pick up the pieces

If there's one more thing I should have done in 2020, it's checking out a nice set of wine glasses from Shopee. Strawberry Farm Benguet, March 2020 There's nothing more to be said about 2020. The devastation of the pandemic has made everyone vulnerable in all life aspects. The year when I said I'd finally say yes to brand new adventures without hesitation became the year of brand new routines and accidental isolation. The year when I said I'd live life to the fullest became the year of trying to get through the day, every day. It became all about the new normal, clinging on to divine faith, and working a bit harder for survival.  I'm done writing about my fears. I've already acknowledged how I felt this year. I want this year-

In 2020, I have no goals

If there is one thing I regret doing in 2019, it's all the time I spent scrolling mindlessly on my social media apps. Baler, April 2019 2019 was supposed to be a year of adventures, new discoveries, and accomplishments. I wanted to meet new people, visit new places, sit on a new table dining, and try to do things I've never done before. The first weeks of the year were full of excitement and hope, as I thought of the stories I'd be sharing about the new things I would learn. But I guess I wasn't meant to do all that. Instead, 2019 became a year of self-discovery, discernment, and cultivating my existing relationships with other people. Work peepz. Only two people in this photo are still in the company. Guess who! College friends, February 2019 I've read somewhere that if you do not have the need to filter the words you say, it means you're with the right people. I proved this to be true, on so many levels. I learned to accept the fact that I